Hear Me, Oh Crisis

Words from the god Isis to the group known as CrIsis

Hear me, Oh CrIsis!

In the wilderness of tall grass I meditated on my future. In the wilderness of grass I was visited by a god, your god. The god of your quest.

Hear me, Oh CrIsis!

You are on a holy quest, a holy trial. You are blessed above all mortals and yet you despair. You have been given much, Oh CrIsis, and so much of you is required. Despair not in your trials. Life leads inexorably to death. It is the other side of the coin as Light is to Darkness. It is not something to be mourned, but to be exhulted in.

Hear me, Indaris, priest of Isis!

Your actions have been seen. Your heart has been weighed. Isis is not pleased with you. Your actions with the dragon show a lack of respect for your power and as such Isis has stripped you of that power until the end of the month of Algor. Come to her with a contrite heart. Come to her with bowed head and she will return her power to you and again bless you.

Hear me, Xerx’ses, wizard of Osiris!

You are chosen of Isis to aid in the returning of your god to power. You are chosen to be a member of CrIsis. Your place within them is not a mistake. The only way to lose this glory, this blessing, is to slip into the Darkness, to give into that despair that even now seeks to claim you. This tiding of joy I give to you, that Isis has promised protection to your people and family during your sojourn in CrIsis.

Hear me, Ja’deir, mind mage of Apis!

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and Isis sends me to aid you. Never falter in your attempts to bring to the minds of CrIsis the joy that our position should bring them.

Hear me, Oh CrIsis!

I shall soon join you. Look forward to my appearance…and I’m not as stodgy as this letter might make me appear.

Written by Asher on the 28th of Od in the 69th year of the Wolfen Empire

Image courtesy Wakpaper.com

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