Hello Mother, Hello Father

Hello mother, hello father,
Here I am safe with my brother.
Willy says hi; he fights evil,
On this ship I’ve met some interesting people!

I’ve been tying knots with Yuletide,
Got some rope burns on my backside.
And I’ve eated lots of cooked pig,
Annie cooks it all the time for feeding Ursus!

Jershon told me to be useful,
So I help with pest removal.
All the sailors like my small size,
‘Cause I fit in all the spaces where the rats hide!

Open waters; Now we’re sailing,
Lots of monsters; sometimes scary.
Honey tells me to be braver,
That with CrIsis we can face off any danger!

Leave me here, oh mother, father.
Leave me here, I am not scared.
Don’t take me away from this fun,
Willy will keep me safe and sound!
Were I home, you’d return me to the Goblin King
Though I didn’t do anything!
Won’t you please forgive me;
I know it’s not easy!

Dearest father, darling mother,
How are all my other brothers?
You can show them with this letter
I’m no longer a Goblin so life is better!

That’s okay though; I won’t bicker,
They just opened up more liquor.
Drinkings so fun thanks to Willy,
All this alcohol is making us quite silly!

This letter was sent by Willy’s brother, Bilby, while CrIsis sailed through the Sea of Despair.

Picture credit: Not Your Grandmas Garden Gnomes


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