He’s not Dead?! Inconceivable!

To Father Philip,

I died today, and apparently it was a good day to die, but keep reading, as I am no longer dead at the time of penning of this note.

We have found out that a Necromancer has insidiously inserted himself into the power structure of the town of Yggdrasil within the Disputed Lands by brute force.

His public persona he is using goes by the nom de guerre of Stephan Ravenholm. According to ‘folk’ whom hunt such despicable folk and other unholy creatures that go bump in the night he bears another moniker, The Wraith.

Now, from what I remember our group had almost surprised the dark magic user in his office and the basement below it. However, fate, can be a fickle mistress and he escaped as our advance member came back running for ‘his’ life. Not long after we were summoned to a town square because they had Ursus there for story time.

Isis’ blessings on that noble beast but the minute he saw the dark wizard, it never occurred to him that the ONE HUNDRED guardsmen would be a problem! He pulled Overkill’s runic blade and charged the Necromancer as he also began casting simultaneously! Poor Ursus got caught by one of his sleep spells and I waded into the fray with the my ‘holy harpy’ (ill probably be paying for that statement) screaming righteous anger for the crushing of undead.

I will be honest that I don’t actually remember the blow or spell that felled me. To which I am so grateful to Isis for. I would hate to go through my second life with haunting memories of the first one. What I do remember is falling into a black river and trying to swim for the shore only to find I was in the land of the Taut! Before me weighing souls in judgement was the dark one, Anubis, usurper of the Underworld.

”Bring him to me,” beckoned Anubis!

Tautons, yes the scorpion tailed, crocodile headed monsters of the Gods of the Dark were clamouring to me! I ran down the shore and did not make it far before I had felt the sting of their tails slow me down as they circled in. Then, a group of flaming Seraph angels descended into this dark world as they formed a circle around me brandishing flaming blades of heavenly wrath! Two took me and we ascended up into the light they came from followed by the rest! Anubis was shaking his fist in the distance, and then I was staring up at the most holy U’Selekma and the rest of CrIsis. I was hoping for a small reprieve before we headed on an prayed as such, and the gods responded almost instantaneously, We have gained a new land leader and I can FINALLY go back to the advising of spiritual matters!!! A great day indeed to be alive!!!

No Name had grabbed my body and possessions and the others had made it to Ursus so none of us were permanently lost! Tomorrow morning we are using the young minotaur’s magic to bring us to Timiro. I wished we had time to stop in Nisi, but from our homeland we must venture into the giant ridden expanse of the Old Kingdom. Still we joked about me showing up and marrying Nara before I die another time. Please don’t share this with her, as It will stress her more, and I want to be there personally to do that myself if possible before the book comes out.

Well that should about cover it and I hope everyone in Nisi is still enjoying the blessed Cornbread or planting their own.


Written by Indaris Excellar on the night of the 19th of Ra.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org

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