Hidden Paths

Dear Father Philip

I fear to say, but I think I have failed Our Lady In Majesty, I am writing this letter to you from the Gaol of Lopania, waiting for the execution of Law, with someone I may have wronged in thought and word and, even though he is my Gaoler, looks almost as lost as I feel.

Where to begin?

I have had a horrible feeling the last few days that our best chance for winning the Lung, Xerx’ses, might be targeted for assassination, or failing that the other person of the group that if was slain would throw us into turmoil – Overkill. This worry followed me through the events, and as I was in one of the events with Xerx’ses I would try to keep an eye on him, and I’m happy I did. As you know I somehow made it into the Dueling events, what I didn’t mention to you was that I had a vision, from whom I presumed was her Majestical Lady of the Moon, and it showed me that Oathbringer should be used, and during the events I found out why. The person I really thought was going to kill Xerx’ses was one of the competitors for the Church of Dark, and was obviously an excellent fighter, whose name is Joe. Fortunately for us he got a bad toss of the coin and he ended up having to fight me before having to fight Xerx’ses, this would give me a chance to see what he would try against Xerx’ses and see if there were things we could counter it with. I was expecting poisons, strength enhancement drugs and smuggled in magical weapons, but the fight would tell for sure. The event started and I took my position in the arena, no-one tried to kill me or stop me as even to the crowd I wasn’t really a contender, but I won, somehow Isis’ will guided me in the fight, Joe certainly had cheated, as the first blow I took from him was harder than any one blow I had taken from anything else I could remember, so somehow he was like me with an enchanted weapon, but we rained blows down upon each other, my natural agility seeming to make up for my lack of martial prowess, and then it happened, Joe’s last blow fouled on my shield and I took the opportunity to run him through as he tried to recover, and Oathbringer’s power blasted him to the ground. Through Isis’ blessing I had managed to defeat the biggest threat to us getting the Lung, Xerx’ses would get to fight in the manner he preferred, facing each enemy as the Gods intended…sportsmanlike. No tricks, skill against skill alone, and he did, he blasted through the ranks like the wrath of a storm in a wheatfield, until us two were the last ones remaining, which surprised me. Some of the crowd was going wild and chanting my name, which was extremely gratifying, but pride doth indeed come before the fall. I initially wanted to call upon Isis’ power and call down a rainbow, thus forfeiting the match, but something stayed my hand, doubt, reason – I’m not sure, but it certainly left me in my current predicament. All puffed up with the defeat of my foes I charged Xerx’ses, and I went for a Knockout blow, just as Overkill had shown me in the qualifiers, it wasn’t the best of blows, but would have caught a few off guard, but not the trained hulk of muscle, teeth and fur that was Xerx’ses, it was like he knew exactly what I was going to do and batted Oathbringer out of my hands like he was taking candy from a baby, 5 seconds and the fight was over. Unfortunately Oathbringer resumed her normal form in front of the crowd and my cheating was shown for what it was. This caused a massive uproar amongst the crowd and guards surged out, and surrounded Xerx’ses and I and took us to the rest of Crisis, with the intent it looked to arrest us all. However this is where Sir Maybenotsodoucheyafterall arrested me for cheating, looking at Crisis like they would fight, however calmer heads prevailed. Master Asher said that it might be best if I distanced myself from the party without the rancor and vitriol that I expected, and in fact I agreed with him. Looks like I have misjudged him as I expected a massive tirade about my failings, but he was quick and to the point, and the point was a valid one, but the party decided to stick with me, which seemed to surprise Sir Thurgood. Him and his troops dispersed the angrier members of the crowd, and after I handed my things over to Xerx’ses Sir Thurgood himself escorted me to the Jail and processed me. If I wasn’t feeling so sorry for myself I probably would have said that he needed a Priest to talk to, but as it is, all I really feel at the moment is despair and bitterness, with the one shining fact that I’m almost sure that I prevented Joe from killing Xerx’ses in the Duelling as he wasn’t expecting to have to fight me.

I’m not sure what the church would think of this but maybe this would be a good time for me to hand in my vestments and holy symbol, as the disgrace I am at the moment should not reflect on the church, nor on Crisis. My Fathers fields would be close to needing harvesting, and he always help with it. I think I might talk to Crisis about them disavowing all knowledge and let me take the blame for my actions, and hopefully not detracting from Crisis’s reputation.

Written on the morning of the 8th of Thoth by Indaris Excellar

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