My Son,

I am home! I have arrived at Etrinan Caves, and been welcomed by the Serinan Tribe. In fact, they have made me co-chief with Xixin.

We have decided to try and bring all good minotaurs together, and unite. We will travel the Wastelands looking for good people, and try to bring them together to protect ourselves.

The Giants have pushed the Gromek farther from the Volcanoes, and therefore the Gromek are a greater threat here. Reports are the King of the Giants wields a golden arm in battle- could that be a Piece of Osiris?

I will be staying here- as soon as my feet hit the land I knew it to be true. One word of warning- Luur’na attacked us on the way here. She and her band were very powerful. The only one we killed (and they killed 8 of our band, and severely wounded me) wore a symbol of Modeus, and there was a Baal-rog in her party. I fear that you have not heard the last of her.

Prayers are with you my son. I am so proud of you, your choices, and the glory that you bring the Minotaur Race! One day, because of you, we may join all of society!

Received by Xerx’ses on the 16th of Majestic.

Picture from Palladium Books, publishers of the best settings in the business.


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