Honesty in Prayer

| Reader Note: This is a prayer after his pigeon
Please Lord of Wisdom – Tehuti, and Lord of Retribution – Heru-ur, hear my prayer. First I am unclean, for I am not a priest such as my parents were. I practice magic and that in the past this led my kind to do unspeakable acts of horror, and they deserved their fate. If you command it of me I will stop using magic forever, my will is your will. Through Fate’s gracious hand I have now been stripped of anything I held dear and I know that it is because I am unclean.

I do not deserve your forgiveness. I only ask you not punish those with me for my tainted presence, they are good people.

I know my life is doom, but I thank you.

I know we may all die, but I thank you.

I know we will lose all we hold dear, but I thank you.

No matter how bad the day becomes, what I loose, I have this day because you stood up for everyone tens of thousands of years ago.

Thank you.

This unclean servant thanks you.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the 4th of Kym-nark-mar the year 111. <<<

Picture of praying Minotaur by Dimitri Lazaroff.
Picture of Thoth and Horus from Wikipedia.

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