Remember how I stated in the pst, were it possible that I would bring CrIsis to Caer Itom? Well, we’re currently meeting with Emperor Itomas. I’ll do my best to bring CrIsis around either tomorrow (my hope) or the next day. Yes, I mean to bring CrIsis to the Dungeon. No, I will not be forcing anyone to participate.

that being said, there are apparently people in the city who would like to meet with us. I’m afraid that I personally will not be able to organize anything, so I hope, for both our sakes, that you will be able to organize people for a little festival. Also, make sure that we will be able to carve some time for ourselves out from this gathering, as I ache for you, in ways too numerous to mention.

My heart, my love, my very being,

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6 Responses to “Honey..?

  • Very touching and I hope a reunion can be made for you.

  • Let’s make this happen! It’d be a shame to be ao close to her like this and not even try to stop by.

  • Seconded, and we have made similar efforts for others

  • Love the setup- people write Grignak, people get to meet Grignak- well done.

  • Party in the Dungeon! That just doesn’t sound right…

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