Honour, Duty and Love

To my Beloved

I have thought for a bit about duty, honor, and love. Through our shared offices in the priesthood you understand about our promises to both Isis and Horus. May they be so benevolent as to let me survive to raise and nurture all the unwanted children of Aracho with you as my wife.
Our honour is to serve these otherworldly beings that have attempted to bring better days to this world we call home for the short spec of time we are here. Our duty is to the different tasks the fates have dealt us and remember the joy we can share when they are done. I am graced by the love you have shown me and hope that I can continue to be worthy of such devotion. In the way of fables it would seem your love has shown me why the Great Lady wishes to have Osiris back in her arms. For I share that wish in my heart for you. I have started saying additional prayers that Horus keep you safe so that we may one day share the joy we are working to give back to Isis. No one should be forced from their loved ones and maybe one day we can share that future.

Again if you need anything from me, and I mean anything, send a message through Father Philip and he will make sure the message gets to me and I will do what I can.

Ne minuial tôl lû
Ir tirich er-‘îl gelair awarthannen
Ir in-elenath gwennin.
I ‘îl thinna, i amar ú-dhartha.

At starfade a time comes
When you see one brilliant star left behind
When the starry host has departed.
The star fades, and the world does not wait.

Missing you always

Written by Indaris Excellar on the night of the 27th of Selestra.

Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune
Poem from E. Brundige.

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