I Am Coming For You

Xerx’ses grabs his knife and his bowl for prayer and builds a fire at the entrance to his former home. He prays in the ancient Dwarven dialect he knows. will utter this prayer to the following gods, burning blood from his hand after the last pigeon.

To Almighty Ra, purge the world of the Church of Light and Dark, and start over. Never let the faithful allow for the dark, burn them all!

To the Lord of Darkness, vile Set, Kill me now while you have your chance I am coming for you, all you care for, everything you cherish.

To the Betrayed Isis & Osiris, I will keep my word but you don’t know pain, you know longing, you have not suffered but you have watched plenty of people die for you. Your weeping is but a child’s cries, you still have your home and prayers.

To Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, Thank you for letting me see my mother and father once more because of your urging. I will find a way to bring back rune magic and present Set to Ra as a runic rock to be his prisoner forever.

To Amon the Hidden I shall find you and make you see the light. You will suffer Anubis’s fate; the pride that Osiris should have been yours. Never betray your friends, Hag.

To Apis the pure, watch over the children of the minotaur that seek the light, they need you. Forget me, this insignificant mortal is already damned with doomed intent and purpose. I ask for the others not me.

To Apepi the immortal I shall turn you into a runic Ankh that forces keeps you into a never-ending cycle of life, death, and rebirth; forever imprisoned, enjoy your immortality while you can before I make it your prison and you beg for permanent death.

To Bes the Depraved, I will cast you into a runic rock where you can sense nothing, feel nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, an oubliette for eternity, with purity forever.

To Benevolent Bast, thank you for being the only god to just talk to me and be non-cryptic and straight forward.

To Anubis the betrayer, I will find what makes you hurt and make you endure it for eternity on runic bonds. Kill me now while you have your chance. I am coming for you and your master, you ungrateful dog.

To Bennu the Purifier by flame, and Horus the Avenger once my oath to Osiris and Isis is complete I shall join your holy war against evil! I will forge myself into a rune weapon that can fight for eternity and never stop until all the worlds know the light of goodness and freedom.

You all have made your choices now hear mine.

You murdered not just my family, but the society I could call home, as in the days of the war of the Fair and the Strong when the Dwarves lost their society in the fields of Korin Gilead. They brought the GREAT THUNDER down upon the Golden City of Baalgor and then the elves lost their soul as well.

I now count the days till my sacrifice to my new runic form or death fighting for that goal and oaths I swear above. Till eternity’s end I will hunt evil, no mercy will be shown to the vile, the corrupt, the sullied of the soul.

The Church of Light and Dark is right to fear me, when I am done half of it will be in flames and the other half will be left with a warning that tolerance of evil will be met with blood!

With the death of what was the Etrinan people so does begin my sacrifice to runic servitude and retribution’s damnation, with no social identity to hold me back I am now pure of purpose. You IMMORTALS that treat us as your playthings beware, stay to the light or face the monster you have made!

The monster is coming for anyone that does not stand for the light of good.

>>> Runeseeker of Retribution Xerx’ses
the 26th of Thoth the year 111. <<<
Picture from Capcom.

5 Responses to “I Am Coming For You

  • Xerx’ses is immortal, a fraction of his soul is tied to a rune weapon designed to fight evil. It would seem this promise has been kept, and now evil still tries to kill him. The Harbinger of the Lawgiver is coming!

    • At least I rolled well when you called them out- the same group that attacked recently would have destroyed CrIsis back then..

      • Totally could have been worse because back then there was no agreement. However, you just let slip that the Dark did break the agreement. The only way they could not have was to let the demons come on their own. Apis was right despite what Anubis said. Grignak called upon demons not the dark and that is a slippery slope which hurts when examined closely. hahahahahaha!

        • I did nothing of the kind- I was referring to a past event that I was using current as an example-I have not said this is true.

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