I Am Unworthy

| Reader Note: Please be aware this missive is also written in
| the blood of Xerx’ses, but I will not subject you to red text

| for the whole page.

Dear Darakh’zan and Rostam,

This second missive should arrive about an hour after the first. The pounding in my head has cleared and with clarity comes knowledge and wisdom. I left the group, which is still healing people and went to sit on an outcropping of rock. I can remember meeting the magnificent goddess, Bast! When I died I was in darkness or better to the point my soul was in darkness and I saw a light in what I have to assume was distance because I know the gods live in another world and have been there once before. Then a figure appeared and as it became clear I realized I was looking at Anubis, Lord of the Dead!

Come and feast on my soul monster!

I readied for my final battle as furry hands laid themselves on my shoulders from behind and I was is darkness no longer. Darkness fade with the sound of a lioness purring as what I saw looked like the most beautiful Ramen female I have ever seen, which admittedly this was the first.


Hmmph, I just figured out why our race fell in tow to the Old Ones! I am to stupid to even form a logical sentence! Why try to learn magic when they can just hand it over to you, presto instant slave race, just add a sprinkle of stupidity, mixed with a dash of power run amok and I have solved the greatest mystery of all time!

I went looking for my flail of prayers and was unable to find it. I know how to make my way back but I should continue…

…Bast, in her magnificent generosity pulled my soul from damnation to her den in the realms of the Ma’at. It was then I was told she had just sent Master Cava back to the land of the living. When she bade me to sit I noticed the purr in her voice and it stirred some feeling I have only mildly felt around Luur’na before.


I didn’t even bow, I was stupid, dead, and impolite to the person that just saved my soul. I even realized that other than utter prayers to Ra’s family I had never prayed to Bast and she saved me. As I sat down I made sure not to sit on the house cats that were nearly everywhere. All I can think of is how Master Azariel would know how to act. Every time she opens her mouth to begin talking I feel like a cold sweat is building and it feels as though I am trying to come up with words for Luur’na to explain why Zii’clymnt was a poor choice in a mate for her.

I am finding it difficult to even concentrate writing about meeting her, and I can’t seem to get her out of my head. I think she wanted to mate with me! I suppose she likes her men big and dumb since I am not turning out to be the brightest wizard. After my admonishment for getting myself killed she talked with me about the mass slaughter of her children in the Yin-Sloth Jungles. I am writing this in my blood once more but this is not not a pinprick on my leg or my finger. Part of it I can smear off the manacles around my waist. I used them in what the ancient dwarves called flagellation.

OOC NOTE: to the GM he would have made sure to continue doing this until he got past the ring’s armor rating with his manacles belts.

I am looking at what must be a hundred miles of a thirty foot wide path where the Air Elemental made us safe passage. I was scared. I see that now, and in fear I encouraged the use of a power that should never be taken lightly! Bast cried when she told me about her children that never occurred to me when the air elemental moved forward. I saw what happened to our pack horse Trigger and I should have said something then, but I was afraid. I didn’t want to appear like I was quitting and rather than following a wise decision from Master Azariel I encouraged the destruction of thousands of jungle animals and more than likely an ogre village which would explain their attack on us. Then again ignored the goddess’s warning about the Frost Giants, for which I was trying so hard to be a fighter I died one. In her benevolence I have been given a second chance, but I shall pay penance in self-flagellation. I will let the wounds heal naturally so they may scar and remind me to be mindful that innocent animals are innocent lives.

Now we are merely awaiting the arrival of the Gods of the Yin-Sloth for destroying their forest, or even Yin-Sloth himself. Or even the Dragonwright gods for fighting over it ages ago they feel protective of it. If you see me in the future it may very well be a miracle.

We have it confirmed by the goddess that Bishop Nodeki has been captured by the forces of Tuat and they are trying to take over the church worldwide to stop us. Although they may not have to, if we ever pull a stunt like this again all Set will have to sit back and watch the sad play that will be us facing off against some other gods we have desecrate land on.

Xerx’ses the Flayed

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
Wizard on the 22nd of Ra the year 111. <<

Picture of Anubis from El-Grimlock.
Picture of Bast from Sodahead.
Forrest devastation from OpenLearn’s LabSpace


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