I Have Not Forgotten

To my beloved fiance, Nara,

Apologies for the quick piece of art my sweet. I was using the paints that Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper got me for a Horus Day gift. I was paralyzed for nearly a day trying to decide whether or not to paint you with the scar that adorned the most beautiful face I still see in my dreams. In the end I added it to honor your sacrifices and acknowledge the pain you suffered.

I cried that night painting it made it real.

Real for me.

I don’t feel like talking about the Festival of Bast I had to attend to honor one of the Gods of Light that has been an ardent supporter of CrIsis. At one point during the festival I either succumbed to drink, or magic. I had a pounding headache and no memory of the night before. Thank the goddess for that blessing. I was thrilled to help out my good friend as he started to try and help another of our close comrades. Among the crew of the Shield of Light there’s an Elven look out known among the Books of CrIsis as Eyes.

She has had a string of bad relationships and unfaithful men. This has led her down dark paths to survive and caused her to make a grievous an some might say unforgivable error in judgement. When she met the Reaper of Khonsu she got him drunk and forced herself upon him. Now she has been after him to make an honest man of him ever since then in a misguided view of love she’s learned from cheaters, pirates, and unsavory relationships poisoning her outlook on love. Khonsu’s Reaper has tried on multiple occasions to set the record straight that he was not interested. When his “family reunion” happened recently he had hoped she would see they had no future and move on. For a brief time she did and tried to win the Oathkeeper from Annie, our cook, whom Xerx’ses had saved from ship borne siege weapons. She lost that fight twice, first to Annie and later both of them lost to Hannah when she had decided the Minotaur belonged to her and her alone.

I might note I do not envy anyone that falls in love with the Golden One. For one new to love, it swirls about him in a tumultuous storm waiting to strike down all but the most steadfast and determined. He tries so hard to love his wife, but even this was a political marriage that NO ONE asked him if he even wanted! He has laid with her but one night and gave her a child! He is quiet but I make it a point of talking with him every night. Due to tribal customs of the newly joint tribe called, Shandar, he is required to take three wives! Now they call them lifemates and that is a strong commitment as they can live up to four centuries! Xerx’ses though is immortal and a Demigod so I weep for the day when they pass and he is forced to deal with the loss.

May heavenly Isis give him strength and show him the way seeing how long she has been without her husband.

Now during the marriage ceremony Xerx’ses managed to exert some form of free-will. He got his wife to agree that for each Minotaur bride he was allowed one that was not a Minotaur. Most of us thought he had grown very fond of Elven women, but he stunned me one night when I asked about it. He is looking for at least one bride from among the monster-labeled races. By Isis! I hate those terms because I have met so many people that I have seen Human monsters and Kobold saints among my travels. I watched Xerx’ses earn the right to walk among society without changing form to hide his true nature. Race needs to stop being the issue of one’s heart! If I seek anything it would be the understanding that all races should be free to pursue life, love, and liberty of happiness.

I suppose this next point will break the bank of emotions. Xerx’ses has had to come to grips with leadership and dealing with the fact that just because your soul is dark. Does not mean you can not strive and perform great deeds for the light. Now stay with me my sweet, because he learned this through his friendship with Khonsu’s Reaper. It is this friendship that made him seek out a soul that he had come to trust and seek her help being his date for the Festival of Bast, Eyes. Xerx’ses says his parents always taught him that everyone can stand in the light if they are shown how. Never to let someone stand in your shadow for that breeds greed and contempt. So because of the man with No Name he decided that he might be able to stay safe at the festival and show Eyes how to stand in the light!

Read this world and tell me how many of YOU, YES YOU THE READER, WOULD TRY AND HELP SOMEONE LIKE THIS!?

Now Eyes asked him if it would make the Man with No Name jealous and Xerx’ses said he was not sure. The way to the festival was through the golden road of merchants. Here was the finest all of this world had to offer and Xerx’ses complimented her hair as we started out escorting Grignak there. He stood up before he saw her reaction. I, however, saw the grin creep across her face when she realized someone was nice to her without asking anything in return! While she looked into the large shop windows and gazed upon the displays he noticed a pair of shoes and slipped me his funds asking if I had anything I could spare. Seeing such a gesture I would not let it fail, you could say I see why Elven women fall for him. He seeks for the glory of others never caring where his fate will take him as long as he can help those along the way. I saw the pair of shoes and I went into the shop, purchased them and caught up slipping them back to him. I got a wink and I nodded.

When we got to the end of the shops he presented her with the gold-cloth shoes, each adorned with exquisite gold trim and a selection of rubies! Eyes was astounded and it was touching when she ended up hugging one of his legs in shocked appreciation. She tried to give him a kiss and he bent down accepting it on his cheek. Then he did something of absolute wonder!!!! He stood up mentioning an ancient story of the Elven maid Baalgorella and her three wicked step-sisters. He began frantically tracing an idea in midair and laugh out loud! Bending down he told how pretty she would look with a dress and hair done up! Then he touched her shoulder and a disk of glowing light appeared above her. As it descended to the ground her outfit changed to a gold cloth dress to match her shoes! Trimmed in emerald colored exquisite fabrics with silver-cloth lace and a crimson and gold corset! She looked stunning and he had invented a spell bypassing the need for studying!!!!! Right on the spot he made a spell!

Now I know I get some guff about extolling the virtues of my tall friend, but name another wizard other than perhaps Lictalon the Great that could do such a thing! There night was perfect and ended on the following morning with him flying her up to her crow’s nest so the whole ship and everyone on the dock could see how special she was. While she is not fond of No Name she had him to thank for showing the Golden Minotaur the power of universal friendship for all peoples.

Such a display of selfless love made me think of you and your endurance. I decided to share this tale with you so you would know even when this time apart from me hurts and it feels we will never see each other again. I would endure all of the hate Xerx’ses has had to in order to see you once again! Heart of my heart place your palm upon it and breathe. The beating you feel is me and when I do it I feel you. You are my Isis – her form and embodiment in this life – and I shall endeavor to return to you as we return Osiris to her.

May the blessings of Isis be upon thee my sweet,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the night of the 18th of Majestic in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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