I’m Coming For You

Hang In There


I barely knew you, yet I can’t help feel the guilt of what is happening. I can’t sleep knowing the torture you are going through. When I do your face becomes as clear as my families haunting me till I wake. I know you are alive and sadly I do not take peace in this. The tortures you are enduring are far worse than I have ever experienced and we spend our time looking at books and feasting. Each moment we lounge is another piece of flesh they strip from your bones only to replace it through mystical arts. You agonize while we drink our days away in inns. The songs we listen to are grand orchestras compared to the sound you hear escaping your mouth as their utensils guide your screams through each note. I feel as bound as you. We must make haste, you are counting on us and we are letting you down. I fear that your mind will not be the same as when you left us. I know that their psychics are picking away like a dwarven miner searching for gems. Please be strong. When you return I know that you will have thoughts that are not your own. Follow your heart and it will lead you on the right path. I am coming for you. Stay strong. They will pay and there will be no return from death’s grasp for them. Though I’ve only known you for a short while, I will come for you. You will be free once more even if it takes healing and constant care. I will not let you fall once more. Remember that each vote I cast from now on with this group will be only in the direction that leads us closer and sooner to your freedom.

Journal entry of No Name.

Image from Redstate.

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