In A Troker Hold

Life Escaping

dwarf JuggernautWell, we escaped the clutches of that vile parasite, and Xerx’ses was rescued. Compared to that, there was nothing truly exciting done today.

One great part, though, was that we got the “G”iant” T”ransit ”A”pparatus Dwarven Seige Vehicle working. Or rather, Overkill did. Cava was able to offer assistance when the Captain seemed overwhelmed, but we were able to organize and get started. Starting it up and slowing it down are very difficult from what I saw, but we did not run into anything that posed much of a problem – the giant Worms and Bug-riders didn’t do much to inhibit us. Xerx’ses seemed to be calmed immensely by the “Vision” of that silver skull.

We were joined by an untrustworthy little imbecil by the name of Bruce, but it shouldn’t pose a threat to our journey. He says he knows the city, so he might be an asset.

Kym-Nark-Mar 5th, 111

Today we were confronted by some of the Quorian creatures. They came for us saying that we were invading holy land! While we probably should have apologized for the understandable mistake, our hot-headed members started accusing the holy men. I mean, how dare they put their holy land under our feet! It’s an outrage! We are CrIsis, of no mortal bonds, hands of the Gods. We need not pay heed nor reverence to any mortal authority. Right.

I have decided I am going to enjoy the time studying Diabolism. I love my brothers in the faith, and we are doing the will and work of the gods. But there are times I wish I could slap them. A good six months basking under the comfortable weight of millennia of knowledge and learning will refresh my patience and zeal. Thank the Gods I have a keen intellect!

We got close to the city today, and tomorrow we enter it. I am apprehensive, as this city has a reputation of serious evil, but our Priest is confident we can leave a mark of good for the Lady.

Kym-Nark-Mar 6th, 111

Today we came upon a haggard widow in a travelling cloak. She asked Cava to step aside and speak to him, and he later told us it was none other than Rurga herself. She put forth a challenge to the members of CrIsis to assault the city covertly, and slice out a piece for the Gods of Light again. Cava accepted the challenge, and we set off to enter the city.

There was a barge to the city, free entrance, taxed exit. Those that were with me talked about forboding remembrances of the city of Kaash. Honestly, I had the same fear. Never trust people with open arms, because they probably have a knife in their hands, and will stab you in the back when you let your guard down. Woah, that was pretty dark and cynical! What’s happened to me? Am I becoming like the Warrior Wizard? I have to get out of here.

We walked through the city, and had several people try to pick pocket us. One group knew Cava by name! We fought them off… well Cava, Overkill, and Indaris fought them off, with occasional assistance from Bruceypoo. I saw there was no danger, and decided to sing and dance. I thought it would be more impressive if I split into four of me, and I was right! People called me “Azariel, Lord of the Dance!” and from the blood in the streets, the onlookers called it bloody “River Dancing”… Either way, there was no lingering in the “Backstreets, Back” roads and alleys.

We were lead to a scrawny woman named Mama, the proprietor of a pub. Cava and I talked to her about needing a trade, our siege vehicle for a boat, but it was Cava’s ear to the ground and “the Streets”mart habits that led us to the right person. The excitable little goblin wouldn’t rest till he saw the siege engine, and then lead us to the King, Kai.

The King seemed to be a brutish oaf, though poor intentioned, and Cava had no trouble convincing him saying “Show me the money” that what we had was worth at least five times what he was offering. The evil king nearly discovered our identity, but through some inventive truths, we got out without incident. With all of that, we WONDER why kings and rulers despise us? My my. Maybe it’s because I am taking a break, but I am really opening my eyes to some crazy things this week.

On the way back, Indaris expressed his need to go to the Temple District, and Cava wanted to go with him. The rest of the group went and got the ship under way, while I trailed Cava and Indaris in the shadows of the buildings, flying on my cape. What I saw there I cannot cheapen with my unworthy lips. I shall just say that true Power, Grace, and Love were felt, and the image of the Sanctuary created by Indaris will stay with me forever more. Unfortunately Indaris was incapacitated by the awe of it, a truly transcendent experience, and Cava was somehow incapacitated by the spell itself. It seems he tried to knock Indaris unconscious, well-intentioned but still aggressive. I had no choice but to grab them and take them. We were in no danger as it was, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

While on the water, sailing from Troker, we were flagged down by an alchemist by the name of Semolina or somesuch. He claims he wished to destroy a rune sword in our possession, but the overreactions almost got us into trouble, yet again. ‘How dare you say you’re no threat! It’s an outrage! We are CrIsis, of no mortal bonds, hands of the Gods. We need not pay heed nor reverence to any mortal authority! Death to you and all you hold dear, and your crew, too!’ Riight…

Kym-Nark-Mar 8th, 111

I left the Black leather-bound journal Xerx’ses gave me in his room tonight. He’s sleeping and shall wake soon, but he won’t see it until I am gone. With it I left a note.

Dear Xerx’ses,

I know you feel you are inadiquate, but you are very intuitive. I have rarely seen practitioners of magic that have the same love and respect for life that you show. If you were to come study at the Guild of the White Ash, I am sure that it would improve things here.

I leave with you this journal of your mentor. The one thing I thought to do with it was simply by deactivating the enchantments through saying your mentor’s True Name. Unfortunately I don’t know it. Also, there is a book known as the “Book of Serpents” which is attuned to its owner through blood on the spine. Do you have anything that has his blood? That might open it as well… or maybe he attuned it to you as well, and you just need to put a drop of your blood on the spine.

One more thing comes to mind: Mystic Ink!! It’s a simple, enchanted ink that has an invisibility charm. Activate your “See Invisible” spell, and you should see it if it was written in such. Also: Keep water handy, or a large blanket. Fire destroyed it, and if it catches fire again, you will need to put it out. Of course, it’d be better to try to extinguish it with the spell “Extinguish Flame,” but that’s for another day.

Anyway, I leave it to you. I have not tried these things because I feel that it would be an invasion of privacy. If I think of something, or come across something in my studies, I will write to you immediately.

Remember: The Gods aren’t mortal. They are above mortal understanding! They have a reason, and it’s not to insult or torture you! Stand in the Light of the Lawgiver! The deaths of those around you aren’t about you, it’s about them, and about their killers. Please, don’t stray into Anubis’ Depths while you try to taint the Lawgiver’s Justice by exacting Petty Revenge! You represent My Lord too.

Your Friend,

Kym-Nark-Mar 9th, 111

The wonderful group didn’t so much as dock in the Western Empire. They simply asked me, “You can fly, right?” with ominous grins on their faces. The only thing that saved me and all of my belongings from the shark-infested, salt-rich watery grave below me was a quick “Fly” spell on my cloak, and some deft mid-air crate snatching.

Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was close enough. They expected me to grab the dozens of animal crates and cages stowed in my room, balance them all on a tiny cloak, and fly twenty miles to the nearest port. Which, might I add, was patrolled by Cockatrices. If I weren’t invisible and hadn’t cast a shadow meld spell immediately, I would have been toast. I had to refresh my fly spell at least five times, one of which I almost miscalculated to become acquainted first-hand with that watery grave I was telling you about. Not Happy.

I was able to procure a very comfortable carriage, though, with the opulence the Evil King proffered for the Siege. I could get used to having gold.

Kym-nark-mar 26th, 111

Today I spoke with the Elders of the White Ash about the Lopanic Games. They offered me a deal for CrIsis, and so I wrote a letter. It read;

Dearest friends,

I have spoken to the elders in charge of the Guild of the White Ash, and they are willing to send one person to the Lopanic Games as a representative! It is a relatively small guild, so that means two things.

First, there are not many entrants, so my chances are extremely high compared to large guilds, such as the Tri-Arcanum and the Merchant Guilds like Karowyn’s.

Second, they do not have the superfluous funds to throw at a sponsorship, so they require that the entrant help with the payment. In speaking with the elders, I have a few options.

I could front the cold cash, which means that I would have to borrow at least 300k gold from you all,


I could procure a magical item of great worth. One of the examples of suitable items was a Greater Rune Weapon. I would never in a million years ask for Thor-ak or Callandor. However, we have several weapons attained from the Dread Pirate Jayson. In that group, I recognized two of them were such weapons, Torac and Threk-Goru. The Guild of the White Ash is full of curious and inquisitive old codgers, and as an item such as a Greater Rune Weapon, its value isn’t as simple as gold to them. I remember my wizarding master, Eugene Schpaknel, studied magical items for months or even years without so much as going outside to see the sun.

So please, Could I trade a Rune Weapon, for which we have no need or use, for a sponsorship to the Lopanic Games?

Power to Osiris, Glory to Ra.

>>Journal entries from Kym-nark-mar 4th to 26th in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Azariel, Apprentice Alchemist. Acolyte of Osiris and the Lady Luck.<<

Picture Credit: Palladium Books


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  • I’m reading this and I must say, it doesn’t paint a very positive image of Troker.

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