In Ra’s Name


In the month of your blessing, your humble servants are truly blessed. You have gifted me with knowledge of the piece of Osiris most recently acquired, namely the Left Eye. With this ability, we, your servants, will strike back at evil. We will continue to uphold justice in this world, as we have upheld it in the past.

We have successfully moved with stealth into the stronghold of our enemies’ might. There we have used gifts long held in trust by CrIsis, gifts that must have been the foresight of the gods. We thank all of the Gods of Light, of which you are the head, for the gifts given us during our travels.

We ask but one thing, and that is for you to keep us humble. We know that pride has caused many of the problems that CrIsis has faced in the past, and know that as we continue to move forward in faith, that pride will continue to rear it’s ugly head before those we meet.

Send us challenges to remind us that we are not gods among men, but are instead your harbingers, tools to be used and, if necessary, discarded as Indaris was discarded.

Amon Ra.

Prayer of Battle by Grignak in Bizantium.


Picture by our own AZ Rune


6 Responses to “In Ra’s Name

  • The CrIsis definition of “moved with stealth” falls somewhat short of the normal definition, methinks. It’s a nice prayer log, though. I’m glad to see that Grignak is able to fill the prayer void left by Indaris.

    • Stealth means not having the whole town come down on top of our heads…and considering that has happened in the past literally, I figure we’re good this time 🙂

  • or if you are literally scary enough that the enemy doesn’t even want to look for you.

  • Love the gratitude in this

  • Battle-axe, dagger, hmmmm they said it had to be quiet. Okay, dagger, I’ll save the axe for when the rest of them show up.


  • Until recently half of CrIsis was WELL over 12 foot tall. Stealth has been redefined by CrIsis. Or as Grignak says, “we didn’t literally fall on their heads”

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