Into the Unknown

Dear Father Philip

Things have become a lot clearer now, truly the dark is all about concealment, half truths and shadows that prey on the mind. The worrying thing is, and this should probably be disseminated to those that should know, is that the Church of Dark have in their possession something or someone that can give them the ability to pass themselves off as another deity, in this specific incident it was Our Lady of the Underworld – Isis. Somehow they managed to find out about Oathbringer’s abilities to change and not be detected, and sent me a very believable Vision about me using the weapon at the games. I had just assumed that the times were desperate that some of the littler things were being passed over so I did indeed cheat at the games at the behest of a Demon, and other than it being against Our Ladies general principles I had no idea that it was a Demon begat idea from the start, which makes me worry, how many of my other Visions have been real, which is probably the Dark’s Idea, but I am putting the warning out there, especially for the higher ups, if it doesn’t seem quite right, do a communion with your goddess a few times to see what she says, I know i’m indeed going to do that from now on, and if we can find the thing that is letting them do this we could use it against them or destroy it, but until then I say be on your guard. Im just hoping that what the fiend a Zizean has done was truly him, for I haven’t yet done a communion with Our Lady of Graciousness, He could be lying through his teeth trying to lay further confusion.
But i’ll start from the start
I was escorted to the Jail after the event, and that went smooth enough, happily Azariel followed me in and watched over me while I was being processed, during the processing Sir Thurgood pleaded off saying he did have other duties to attend to, and he still didn’t look very happy and he wasn’t really doing anything here except pacing So I said fine and both Az and I shook his hands as he left. After about 15 minutes the paperwork was finished and I was escorted to the dungeon, it was malodourous, but that could have possibly mostly been the geriatric beggar that was already in there, as his smell almost had a life of its own. The beggar stirred as I entered, and I sat on the bunk as far away from him as possible. The guard shrugged at me apologetically and left in a hurry himself. I settled my self on the bunk and started readying myself for a long vigil but he the Beggar again startled me .
“Wot chu infor”, his common was as mangled as clothing. The smell was still pretty strong and sort of made my eyes water a bit, but I told him I was in for cheating, and that some days you win, some days you lose.

At this stage outside the Jail there was another attempt on Xerx’ses life, which the others managed to quell again, ut I only heard a small kerfuffle outside the jail cell as LEO’s were sent to stop the fight, luckily the only had to go outside to do so.
Unfortunately I had seemed to arouse the beggars curiosity and he kept at me with questions, which I answered as curtly as possible because I wished to pray, but I eventually noticed, through the tears in my eyes the fact that the poor fellow had a deformed hump on his back the size and shape of a sword, he tried to explain it as a born defect (ouch) but I then started picking up another smell, one of dark and demonly Origin, I cast about looking for a weapon, but all I had was a spoon, a cup and a bed, not even my holy symbol. I looked at the beggar speculatively, but things of demonic origin are probably used to nasty smells, and there was a flash and an Image of Isis was there, I started to genuflect but caught myself, why would Isis be here, and sure enough “Isis” started cackling in laughter and her form blurred and changed to the form of Zizean as he had trouble controlling his form due his mirth. He pointed his finger at me and said now you will die for cheating at the games, my illusions worked and now you shall die for it. The beggar, who had originally had a look of awe on his face suddenly looked nervous, and started pulling the hump off his back and lo and behold it was a sword. The disguise he was wearing shifted to and the beggar turned out to be none other than Sir Thurgood himself, but Zizean disappeared.

Thurgood looked at me and then said “so its all true then”. I replied maybe not all of it but certainly the important bits, like Crisis is fighting evil everywhere we go.
He slowly sunk to one knee and held out his sword in fealty, I probably should have taken it but I have enough trouble running my life, little own looking out for someone else’s so I declined and said that he should take up his sword and do what he does best. He nodded, said something about getting me out of here and getting me some things to protect myself with as long as I didn’t try to escape, which I didn’t, I also told him about the demons that were about and he said he would take care of them, and sure enough, minutes after he left a Squad of Rurgarites turned up, including a priest of Rurga, He seemed like a nice enough fellow but I really didn’t feel like talking about the way I had been duped by a demon, and thus unwittingly duped the rest of the party. Shortly thereafter Sir Thurgood came back with a pardon, signed by the Judges involved, I was a bit stunned considering I had cheated, maybe the fact that I could have cheated more, but only used what I had to was taken into account, but I know not, and was just happy to leave and head back out to the world, and I was hoping no extreme sports fans would make to much of a outcry. When we were close getting back to the tents we noticed that the was a few things out of place, like the surging of a mob up ahead, the sounds of fighting and the general darkness of the area. Xerx’ses turned into a predatory bird and launched himself into the air to reconnoitre the area, and came back with bad news, there was 2 fights going on. The Sulestan Elves were fighting Crisis supporters, but worse than that it seemed that Demons were loose and were fighting LGC Law Enforcement Officers as well. Xerx’ses and Caminata then took off after the demons leaving the rest of us to deal with the mob. Asher whipped out a scroll and started reading, and I called upon the power of Isis to Light up the area and banish the Dark, and a globe of daylight burst into being. I heard Asher swear behind me and I looked back, and the Kobold had his eyes all scrunched up against the light, I had forgotten his sensitivity to light, Well I couldn’t do anything about it now so I concentrated on calling upon the power of Isis, as I was doing this sleeping clouds burst amongst the elves and Crisis supporters until I eventually had the Inner Peace I needed to pray, and I called out to Isis for a sanctuary, as the supporters that were still conscious were killing the Sullastan Elves. The elves might have deserved that fate but it was up to the Law here to decide that, not mob rule. Unfortunately my Prayer failed, but Azariel webbed the groups, halting some in their tracks, and scaring off others, for when a web is 20 to 30ft in size, who wants to mess with the spider that could make it. Then Suddenly a voice booms out from the sky “Crisis, you have failed”.
Tyv flew off to ge some more LGC support, Overkill drank a potion and took to the air after Xerx’ses and Cammy, but by the time we have finished breaking up the fight here Xerx’ses, Cammy and Overkill come walking back to the group. Xerx’ses looked sad, and mentioned that he had failed to help the knights, but between Tyvernos and I, we managed to get a lot of the dead people brought back to life. We then headed to our tent.
Another Horror yet awaited us, The heads of our erstwhile bodyguards were all stacked into a neat pile, the Dark Ones were taunting us, knowing we couldn’t attempt to return them to life without the rest of their bodies. We questioned the remaining LGC guard but didn’t get much from him, which wasn’t surprising considering he was a little late to the fight and then had to fight for his life.
Apparently Crisis has offended the Sulestan Elves, as they were crying for the heads of Crisis, but thankfully for us our supporters thought the opposite. This means we have inadvertently made another enemy, and one who doesn’t seem shy about assassinating us in plain view. Xerx’ses gives weregild to the last guard as payment for his slain brethren’s families and just as he finished Sir Thurgood turned up, looking harried and dirty, tonight must have been rough. He mentioned that Ms Hoppner is going to tell everyone about what we did here and that there were a lot more demons than we thought. He also mentioned to Cami that she should probably er … reign in her conquests but hen she brought him up to speed with the werewolves and a copy of her running around doing the things she was supposedly doing. He mentioned that things might not be what they seemed with his master, While we were talking Oathbringer turned black as supernatural evil was near, I sighed and pulled out the 3 sisters and started with the demon banishment ritual, then joined the Asher, Thurgood and Xerx’ses outside. Cami looked like she was about to turn into something large so I thought giving her room would be handy. Tyvernos said that there was a Raksasha in the tent, and it might have been responsible, while we are peering about Asher suddenly points to an elf in a group of elves and says there it is, unfortunately none of us could figure out which one so I called upon the magic of The Queen of the World and looked again and I could see the sickliness of its aura. I then cast seasickness on it trying to differentiate it from the others, but Asher had a great idea of telekinetically dropping a piece of blue cloth upon it, this made it noticeable to Xerx’ses the others, and approximately 10 seconds later it was barely a greasy char mark on the ground. Thurgood and Xerx’ses then started to talk about the possible complicity of the Duke of Llorn, because if they can trick a priest about his god, then surely they can do that with lesser beings. While this is happening I decided to pen this letter to you as the others go through what’s left of the Raksasha because there is surely more demons around, and the attacks are coming hard and fast and I might not get to put pen to paper again.

P.S. If I do fall this night please send 1/3 of my money to my parents, a third to Nara Tureld, (the other Crisis members can help you find her, as she is in Sekti Abtu training at the moment..) and the remaining third to go to the church. My Items are to be Divided up between Crisis as they see fit.

Written on the late evening of the 8th of Thoth by Indaris Excellar

Jafar the beggar Disney
Rakshasa Antonio José Manzanedo
knight fealty from Stiri


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