Is Osiris Returning?

Dear Indaris,

I am disappointed in the length of time since your last correspondence, but was glad to see you more back to your regular spirits. I was concerned that you would not pull out of your despondence.

I have strange news to reveal. The Obelisk now has a faint glow!! I have scoured much text, and sent a request out to the Pontiff himself! Thankfully, he not only answered but showed up in person!

U’Selekma states that the Obelisk once, before Osiris was slain, glowed with a light that could be seen for miles. At night, he said the light reached from the top of the Obelisk to the heavens!! He surmises that you and your group has reached some sort of threshold. He hopes that once Osiris is restored the light will again beckon all to join the Light.

I also wish to let you know that U’Selekma has chosen where Nara will hold her internship. It is here, with me as her supervising tutor. She will arrive here just in time to celebrate the Festival of the Pantheon of Ra next year.

Have you solved my Riddle?

Oh, and I have used your Prayer on multiple occasions, giving yourself credit each time of course! You have been truly divinely inspired!

I look forward to hearing of your triumphs, and to see you again!!

Fair thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis’ Torch Light Your Way!
Father Philip
Sent on the 16th of Set in the 2nd year of King Guy of Timiro.


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