Isis, How Art Thou?

To your heavenly majesty, Isis,

O Isis, send forth your Heavenly Spirit into my heart that I may perceive, into my mind that I may remember, and into my soul that I may meditate. Inspire me to speak with piety, holiness, tenderness and mercy. Teach, guide and direct my thoughts and senses from beginning to end. May your grace ever help and correct me, and may I be strengthened now with wisdom from on high, for the sake of your infinite mercy. Amen-Ra.

The rest of this prayer shall take the form of a message to you. In trying to understand my fellow CrIsis members I have noticed that Ursus prays in a conversational style, but it does not seem any less fervent or heartfelt. Even if frowned upon for a lack of ceremony in most communities, hehehe. Makes me wonder how many Bishops have had a bad day and drunk prayed to one of the Gods of Light? So the remainder of this written prayer is to honor his approach to things. I seek guidance and understanding, however, in doing so something occurred to me.

“How are you feeling?”

I think the gods and the young Minotaur have far more in common than they want to believe. I can imagine you are able to converse with your husband once more if not fully assembled. How do you feel though? How has it been adjusting to having your husband back in your life after being forced into a single life for so long? Thousands, and millions if Xerx’ses guess is correct about worship on a 1,000 worlds, of priests with myself included pester you like a soup kitchen to the poor. Before this prayer is over I will likely do so again. While I will never be sorry in seeking your guidance in spiritual, temporal, and emotional matters I ask does this have to be a one way street? I am your Seeker, and for this moment I seek to know if you are doing ok. Maybe you will laugh at the idea of a mortal worrying about you, but it is “Osiris’ Unyielding Strength” and “Khonsu’s Reaper” chaffing that has me asking this.

Mighty Ra allowed Khonsu the Watcher to rejoin the pantheon and in doing so changed a shape that has not been altered in eons. I believe I could feel your anger when he took up your Silver Torch, and you held your wrath back from wiping him off the board of this world. I feel you might be having a hard time working with Khonsu and his approach the way Xerx’ses is. Not to offend your husband, however, I did suggest that Xerx’ses might actually flourish more if he were to change his banner to yours exclusively. His form trembled in anger, and I think were we not on a public street (yes the location was planned) that he would have hit me for suggesting abandoning Osiris. He immediately raised his head and said he apologized for not being strong enough that anyone might question his allegiance. The rest of the 2nd of Kym-Nark-Mar did not go so hot. Mr. Unyielding went to check on Mr. Reaper and both of their aura’s seemed to grate while they conversed about what to tell the Pontiff. Xerx’ses tried very hard to honor what he learned about No Name from Grand Arbiter Nulendar. In the first sign of trust I have seen he did not reveal the location of Avramstown to the Pontiff. Hmmm, I wonder if he gets a copy of the missives to read? Probably not that important anyhoo.

I found out that from the loot Xerx’ses had dropped off and told the group about he had kept the scrolls and the tri-scroll case, sneaky minotaur. Then I went with him to Azariel’s and saw Azariel give him a box of Old Kingdom Dragon Coins with mixed loose change in Eastern Crowns. 126,000 for the scrolls and 1.5 million for King Sunder Blackrock’s Dragon Helm which had a number of magical powers imbued within it. In a fit and clearly still mad at my suggestion mumbling, “I won’t abandon him like the other one.” He managed to “Rage Donate” the 1.5 million in an account at Gold Coast Trading Company for King Guy the First to provide us a ship if we loose the physical vessel when Rogtilda passes on the next Holiday of Apis. I asked if he had thought about getting a ship in another land, but he pointed out not trusting any other countries to imbue a tracking device or something else. He left a note that if the yellowwood ship did not disappear then use the money for charitable works and boost his standing among his populace.

Let me write that down again, 1.5 million in gold, and if we don’t need it then keep it. If we don’t need it for a ship he will have just matched all his donations to the church in monies to the Timiro Kingdom! If it is not used for a boat then I imagine he will never pay taxes again. Well, maybe a century since I forgot about that immortality stuff. Azariel said he would arrange the G.C.T.C. account and handed him what was left in the chest. What did he do with the 126,000 for the scrolls? Took all of it to the main temple for the Cult of the Great One and handed it over, still mumbling, “I won’t abandon him like the other one.”

In some ways Xerx’ses matures slowly and and others he is more adept, I think he feels dumb because he needs more time than everyone else in CrIsis to process his emotions. Now conversely No Name is focused because he has lost everything and until justice and vengeance is handed out he feels he can’t move forward to whatever “forward” might mean to him. Again it makes life interesting because I do not believe No Name was evil in his previous life and while the current life is hell for him, he pushes forward through it to become “good” once more. Maybe I am making more out of this than it is but No Name strikes me as Khonsu’s actual avatar, and finding a way to fit into the Pantheon of Ra once again. Since Khonsu is the God of good hearts in the monster races, and Rebirth. Every time I say that I am stunned Xerx’ses doesn’t worship him. If there was a way they would have to go on some small journey together and had to rely on each other maybe they would soften the hard shells both have built to hide how they feel.

Tomorrow, we leave for Avramstown, today is the 6th of Thoth, and I have just picked up Xerx’ses from his Lover’s home. Each day he has seemed a little more confident and said hello to nearly every female on the way today, even people I had not seen. We have been talking each morning which has allowed me these thoughts and insights I pray to you for guidance on. I wonder what the world would think if they knew how scared and terrified he is? Still he worries that he has not done enough to convince the world monster races can be good. He loves Sekti-Abtu, because it is the only time he does not fear he will die before the days end. He talks about having to push all of the fear down daily to make sure he helps everyone in the group. He asked me to try and see if I could find out what the Man with No Name might want for Horus Day. I made a joke about a farm and and he just said, “Hmmm okay.” He spent the rest of the 6th performing for orphans in the parks and any child that wanted to see magic.

Since I cannot end this missive with the same closure I would like to offer this parting prayer for you my goddess in the name of Ra

Go with Ra’s blessing, living, confessing the love of the him to the end. Strengthen the weary, lift up the fallen, be to the lonely a friend, and to those in the dark a path to the light.

Blessings of Ra upon you, Isis

Father Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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