Jase’s Reminder

For Reasons Apparent

Dear CrIsis

I apologize for speaking in a strange voice. I was in Llorn for the Festival of the Ancestors. I figured since you had been meeting with the good Duke that you understood the circumstances. He was imitating his Great Grandfather, and I was attempting to take on the voice of the infamous bard Dilyon Concerniflamme.

So as a reminder I felt I should repeat a few things, now on paper. I will be in the Western Empire for the Festival of Thoth. After you release the Kidney of Osiris the Crystal Kingdom will be a floating castle, one that moves. The grounding of it made it possible for the Dwarves to strike at the Golden City of Baalgor during the Elf-Dwarf War. “Monsters”, or the monster races, are not allowed into the Crystal Kingdom. Tolmet locked Lictalon out of the Crystal Kingdom. Only Elves, Dwarves, and Humans may enter the Crystal Kingdom. Pandemoniums never reveal their true form. The Crystals interfere with magic and psionics.

I heard that you had an epic get together, or at least Grignak and Silent Dream did. If you do the same and I am anywhere near you please make sure I am invited!

It is my understanding that you all had a part in the release of myself and Ley-Rhy, and I am in your debt!

Hope our paths cross again soon!

May the Light Protect You!
Jase Wendryn

Picture by our own AZ Rune


4 Responses to “Jase’s Reminder

  • Well…I wonder if the “protection” guards against those that are “disguised”, however well.

    Then there’s the whole quandary, once past the “protection”, if you change does that “break” the “protection”

    • Thus why Grignak, with an assist from Dream, worked so hard on their prayers for a miracle!

  • Thank you “Jase,” for the kind and succinct reminder of the important points of our conversation in Llorn.

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