Journey into the Dark


First, hear the words of Bennu, and well, no, it’s not all of CrIsis that needs to hear this, but more specifically Merkl and Ursus. We have been gifted a great boon in the form of Bennu’s Flame. While it might seem a little knife, it, like the Torch that Torrun was given, shall lead us forth through the darkness of Jar’eth’s Realm.

One of the two of you, Merkl or Ursus, need to take up the dagger, for we shall need it if we wish to escape from Jar’eth’s grasp.

Now, my godmeet.

I am no longer a member of CrIsis who has not had a godmeet. I have met my goddess in the throes of her passion and taken her to the heights of her ecstasy. In a room in which pillows and floor shared equal precedence, I met with my goddess and she had much to tell us about both the Labyrinth and our path through it.

First, be it known that the powers of gods that are not named Jar’eth will on work within Jar’eth’s realm. More specifically, we will neither be able to pray to, nor receive aid from anyone who is not in the labyrinth with us. Not only that, but we will not be able to leave unless it is by Jar’eth’s power. Long have the god’s been aware of Jar’eth, brother of Lictalon, and the let him remain as he serves within his capacity.

As with other gods, he is jealous in the area of his responsibility, and feels that he has been slighted by Xerx’ses, and by extension, CrIsis. All three children, those of Ursus and those of Xerx’ses will need to be saved, but the gods know not where they may be, or even if all three can be found together.

We will be on our own in this quest, but there are some last bits of guidance that have been offered to us for this quest:

Neither Xerx’ses nor Ursus should head off alone. Speed is the enemy in this place for people, traps and puzzles abound.

Trust nothing, but believe that anything is possible.

Some innocents can be freed with kindness. Some can’t be freed at all. Some evil is truly evil and will not change. Some evil can become innocent.

Our intelligence will be tested within this dungeon.

Old Enemies and Old Friends may be met along the way.

Should Isis still be on duty, or should the month have passed away and Osiris have taken up the reigns, we shall need to pray for our safety once we exit from Jar’eth’s realm, for the magic cast by Jar’eth in his realm lasts at least as long as you remain, and may even last longer. He is the master of the twisting ways. Not all of Jar’eth’s goblins are evil, and as such, not all of them should be killed.

That is the last of the advice I received from Bast regarding Jar’eth’s realm, but that was not all I received. As CrIsis has become peopled with demi-gods, think not that your duties to the gods have, or will, change. Even as we gain followers in our own rights, so do we continue to be followers of our gods. We grow the pantheon as a whole with our acts of faith, and as we continue to worship our own gods. The gods themselves do not know everything, and are focused upon their own realm. The gods go to each other for guidance, and so too will we continue to go to them for the same.

Demi-god of Slavery and Freedom.

Photo by Tanja Askani


7 Responses to “Journey into the Dark

  • This was one of the most information laden god meets ever!
    Also one of the most fun in the setup, as Bast was celebrating Bennu in her way- which means that Grignak got to get a goddess off!

  • A lot more exciting than mine was! Not that I’m complaining, but timing sure makes a huge difference!

  • It was to date my favorite Grignak log!!!!!

  • It’s so stimulating being your hat.

    Sounds like Grignak had a lot of fun.

  • Good to have the warning about Jar’eth’s world. It has not been taken lightly.

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