Keeping an Open Mind

Silent Dream entered the chapel in the hold of Rogtilda. He paid proper respect to all the representations of the Gods, and lingered a moment before none of them in respect for Khonsu, who was not physically represented. He then knelt before Apis. Silent and alone, he prayed.

"Great Goddess of the Wilds,"

“I find myself at a loss to express myself with words in this prayer. Today has been so tumultuous… Let me bare my emotions and thoughts to you, O kindest of gods.” Silent Dream psychically opened his mind in his prayer to the goddess, baring his raw thoughts and emotions. He let them speak for him.

It is an honor to have been chosen to join in CrIsis’ great quest.
My goddess believes I am worthy to be amongst such legendary heroes.
But why have I been chosen for this great honor?
CrIsis’ enemies are mighty, and they are varied.
Am I really the new member CrIsis needs?
Will I let my goddess down? Will I fail CrIsis?
I must be here for a reason.
I will have faith in my goddess, as she has shown faith in me.
Mother of Nature, I will not let you down.

He sat there a moment longer before closing his mind and ending the broadcast of unrestrained emotion and thought. He left the chapel for his new quarters, where that final feeling of determination would remain strong with him throughout his night of meditation.

Apis image credit: Frances Quinn

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