Koris Gwaisol Named

My friend Torrun,

I am sure that I can trust your confidence, and I know that your Author can be trusted to edit out the parts of this missive that are inflammatory- or the whole thing.

I need to vent to someone who will understand, that knows that hearts and minds can be changed, as have your people and my own. First however, I wish to give you the good news- as of the 1st of this month, Kym-nark-mar, the Former Elven Kingdom has been renamed to reflect the shared goals and population, of Elf and Dwarf joining as one- and the new name is Koris Gwaisol! So you now know, it has been made public that you were the one who suggested the name, and are a true friend of our land. You have my thanks, eternally!

Now to the issue that I must get off my chest-


For that matter,


I am glad I am alone to write this, for I find myself screaming the very words and as I scribe them. While the Crystal City makes its slow trip to Sulestan I have visited with the Kingdom of Timiro, the Council of the Eastern Territories, and the Wolfen Kingdom.

I was warmly received by King Guy, who was rather excited to open trade, and was cooperative in losing the Dwarven city of Acoroc. When discussing the perils we all face here on Palladium, the threat of a war between Demons and Deevils enveloping all, he put his head in the sand. “Timiro shall not interfere in the affairs of others, and others shall not interfere in the affairs of Timiro,” he stated.

The visit to Shadowfall was similar, at least in result. I spent a week negotiating with the Senate, and they were polite, formal, and almost worshipful- except when the talk turned to sharing together in a war. Then I was shown the door in the most polite way possible, with promises of “future discussions.”

The most frustrating dealings I had were in the city of Wisdom, which should be noted is the least apt description of its leaders. Yes, there are a few with sense- Llornian leader VasPasseon, the Bishop– but most are dunderheads that only care about increasing their minor fiefdom, and blaming any troubles on the Wolfen or the West.

Speaking of the Western Empire, have you found them to be the opposite of their history? All the other nations do not trust them, yet they seemed to be the most reasoned, and it truly appears that Itomas wants peace throughout Palladium.

I hope you and your friends in CrIsis are having more success than I am! Thank you for your letters, and I look forward to more of them!

Your friend,
Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker

Letter sent on the 3rd of Kym-nark-mar in the 1st year of Koris Gwaisol.

Alloywin picture by our own @AZ_Rune.


7 Responses to “Koris Gwaisol Named

  • I love that he inadvertently did something profound and selfless. He keeps wondering how this is happening? Torrun thought at most it would spark further debate about what to name it. Against his instincts he is becoming like the NPC Jade Hands from the Legion of Northmoor. Perhaps we could visit a Kankoran tribe and I could earn a tribal name among the Wolfen Empire? Maybe Two-Axes? Enduring Stone? Hmmm a reply exonerating King Guy must be given though to help with context.

    • I would so love for anyone in CrIsis to go through the Kankoran rite of passage trials and earn tribal names. Sadly, I don’t think spending the necessary months to accomplish that is in the cards for our future…

      • Torrun would leap at the chance to do this. If I could find a way to make this side session happen I would be down for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As mentioned in the last session, penultimate insult here, WOW.

    • You will have to ask Alloywin- and don’t worry, you will have a chance…

  • All hail, Koris Gwaisol!

    • Cannot wait to have the last two Koris Gwaisol encounters with CrIsis….

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