Labyrinth Journal

Day 39

We’ve been trapped in here for a long time now. My beard covers my face now. I am barely recognizable. The labyrinth has become my home and my tomb. Black Thunder sits molting. This is his lowest point and mine too. We miss the freedoms of the sky. We hope to soar once again and let the wind flow through our hair. It feels that this is a far off dream though. We are out of rations completely. We have talked with Grignak and we agreed to eat Merkl. Although Xerx’ses looks the tastiest, he would probably kill us before we could even think about…. Oh god, I hope he can’t read minds! I am sorry please don’t kill us and eat us! We will swear an oath not to ever think about eating you again while we are here. If we make it out I can’t promise that we may not think about it in a moment of weakness. Those strong tender muscles growing bigger with every item you pick up and every movement you make. Roasted over a brick built grill. The smoke tenderizing and seasoning your meat. Oh no! I did it again! Okay this is for real this time. Speaking of thyme I have placed some with some rosemary and oregano in Merkl’s food. He will soon be filling our barren bellies. They gurgle in anticipation. For now we wait.

Day 41

Apparently we were closer to the Goblin King than first thought. When I entered the chambers of his I instantly found myself and Black Thunder aboard a ship. It turns out this is our ship. I met the one they call Heebo. He had a feast prepared for us and entertained us with ice sculpting while we had our fill. I hope my new friends are alright. Now all there is left to do is fly and ROCK!


Picture from Bulk Herb Store.


4 Responses to “Labyrinth Journal

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I Loved the moment of weakness!!

  • Torrun could probably tell him the best spices and seasonings to use with Minotaur meat.

  • I think basil is an elf spice

  • Ursus is offended that he wasn’t considered as a meal…He would make a great meal…if you survived long enough to cook and eat him…best meal is the most dangerous one…

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