Laval’liere May I Introduce You To Nara

Many warm greetings unto thee, Elder Laval’liere and my Dearest,

Blessings and warm wishes to the wielder of the most powerful item I know, the Oathkeeper’s Heart. I am sending this to both Nisi so my bride to be, Nara, may read it and make plans to receive my dearest friend’s wife should you come see your husband’s golden statue. Yeah, I bet he didn’t tell you that there are statues of the members of CrIsis around the Obelisk of Osiris there. Once he became a Demigod his statue turned into solid GOLD! My mentor, Father Philip, is the lead priest there and I am sure he would be honored to meet you.

Should you make it Credia first I have sent a copy there as well. If this is the case I beseech your most noble person to make a pilgrimage to Nisi for it will change you on a spiritual level. I hear you are a knight or is crusader the more appropriate term? While we did not have the chance to speak during our last encounter I could see the adoration you place upon the one that gave you the chance to win little Lazal’dan’s freedom. Speaking of, Lazal’dan, Xerx’ses sometimes forget to mention that he thinks of him often and hopes he is doing well. He hopes to one day introduce him to his Spellborn Twin and that they get along well. I to have high hopes that you and Nara will become fast friends. Both of you are warriors or at least pursue a martial professions and I am told possess extraordinary abilities to help you in these endeavors.

Nara, my dearest, perhaps Father Philip can arrange a trip to the First Pyramid of Osiris after the babies are born. They can be anointed and receive their birth names under the eyes of Ramen and the Pantheon of Light. If the trip there is out then surely as a leader among her people such a naming ceremony can be done in the shadow of her husband’s statue? Please forgive me for prattling on as though I am one of Xerx’ses wives, hahahahaha!!! He’s going to blush furiously at that joke! Truth be told the main reason I am hoping you both meet is that once this quest is over I suspect we will have a lot of time to get to know each other. Maybe even neighbors!

I know there are moments that are dark on this quest but if I don’t look to the rising of Ra’s Eye each day then I might as well wallow in misery. I detest the idea of wallowing in misery or any other fountain of depression. After all if it wasn’t for the Pantheon of Light we wouldn’t even have the bad days we complain about! So even when it is dark I know we will beat it back, when all seems lost we will make a way! If only so each of us may find our way home to those that remind us that Ma’ip can still be found here on Palladium in each of you!

I look forward to the days of peace, good friends, and family get togethers that shall come after were are done!

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent on the 4th of Corg in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

8 Responses to “Laval’liere May I Introduce You To Nara

  • Very endearing to read and uplifting as well.

  • Imagine them both running around bringing the wrath of the gods down upon bad guys.
    I’m imagining macho women with guns(The Sisters of Our Lady of Harley-Davidson) fighting batwinged bimbo’s from hell

    • For sure if we play Rifts I have the new Game title “Batwinged Bimbo’s From Hell”
      Curious that Indaris feels that the Oathbringer’s Heart is more powerful than any of Osiris’ parts…
      Love the introductory letter, very creative.

      • Well his heart has driven him to help in recovery of seven pieces. Just saying, wink wink, nudge nudge.. say no more.

      • If anything is going to draw Brent back into gaming, it will be that Rifts game!

  • I love the stuff about making sure the babies are anointed and receive their names through the church. Such a priestly concern!

  • Now this was a great log. Love how he tries to get two Partners together. Next mission introduce them both to Ansa. Also The “Wives” comment was hilarious.

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