Lessons Failed

I was really starting to hope that there was some sort of redemption for the Eastern Territories. Many people were proving that there was hope, then we got the curse. This curse was hand delivered to my friend, Overkill. I blame myself for the outcome. I was trying to teach the coward a lesson. Take ownership of your own problems and outsmart these challenges I thought. Leave it to him to prove me right. He handed over his problem as he does in most parts of life and ran away once again from this at the time unknown dilemma. Cava, being the righteous and selfless person he is, took the package meant for this dwarf not even worthy of his former pirate title. As I watched my friend rise in the air selflessly with the package, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should interfere. Part of me thought it would be something mundane such as bath salts or one could only hope. It was them time froze. A bright orange flower burst out into the air as I see my friend plummeting to the ground beneath. My anger burned towards Overkill for a moment and then back to the real wrong doer, myself. How could I be so trusting? This town, this country even, has lost my respect. My hopes vanished engulfed in that fiery dervish above the streets. I was lost in my thoughts. Someone caught Cava. It could have been myself it could have been the others. Flashes of debauchery and filth filled my mind as the grunge of the Eastern Territories entered its foreground. I am reminded of the day before with the judgement of Karma, Ferrel, and Overkill. Was this not a clue to Overkill that he take responsibility into his own hands? He saw the death of Ferrel and the banishment of Karma. He himself was let off with a warning by the gods. I was then reminded of the parties that we had attended before. Their drunkenness blurred their vision, but their intent and ultimate goal was pure. I can only trust that the gods are leading me in the right path.

With what seemed hours time started up again and I was left to wonder how Cava was so lucky to have survived. We rushed him to help. There we met with clergy of the church and were offered a little information, but mostly condolences for the curse created by the dark gods themselves. We talked with Bishop Rose and asked for any help down we could get on our journey. She hired a boat and a guide to take us to our destination in Timiro. Let’s just say it has been an interesting ride so far. We have run into some followers of Rurga and an acting troupe. Both were mostly uneventful, however the acting troupe lead us in a chorus of laughter at their expense. We also ran into what appears to be henchmen of Manus. With the help of our new member Roggan, we were able to make quick work of the high orcs. All I know is that if it is true that Manus is building an army, then I must stop it. This is my mess. I will clean it up! I am a citizen of Timiro and it is my duty to serve her. Long live Timiro, long live King Gedro!

Posted by Gavin on the 19th of Majestic in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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