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Life here in Northolme is good and my shop is doing well. As you may (or may not know) you have family here in this metropolis; apparently an aunt and uncle and a couple of cousins. I met them while working one day in my shop. They were talking about CrIsis and their nephew/cousin (you) and the outstanding fame that you had acquired among Dwarf kind. I was intrigued and pretended to know nothing of you as I am still under false alias. The pride that they showed was unquenchable. They talked and laughed and invited me over for dinner to hear more about the famed Dwarf of CrIsis.

Your family is fantastic. We stayed up past nightfall and I was invited to spend the night. It was while we were preparing for bed that I heard a noise. That’s when it broke the window; a single arrow that sliced through my shoulder. I dropped my father’s weapon. I fell over a table before hitting the ground. I picked myself up quickly. My combat training kicked in and I switched hands. When I picked up the blade the room became fuzzy and I blacked out.

When I came around, your family was hovering over me. They had informed me that I was poisoned three days ago and I was not waking (they explained it as a sleeping beauty poison). I ached, and my mind was fuzzy, then within seconds it was clear. Boduri! Shock raced through my mind and a few in a panic. Where was my daughter? Was she hurt?

Your uncle Vary (I am certain that is not his true name) gave me assurance that your daughter, Overkill, and mine, is well and that the assassin was arrested after his assault (though I suspect that too knowing your uncle Vary and his short fuse).

As you know Boduri means ‘braids of the wolf’. Your daughter has been kept hidden from everyone outside of Northolme and I apologize that I kept the secret of her birth even from you. Your daughter has fire red hair and I am certain that they will become as long or longer then your own (though I hear that you are more accustomed to keeping your hair short these days). I am so sorry that I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to worry. You have a lot on your plate. I know that assassins want to create as much misery for you as possible as that is your one weakness; family.

After a day of rest I found that your family had run my shop in my absence. They could only apologize that they had done so without permission but felt that it was a privilege to do something for the mother of Overkill’s daughter (she will have big shoes to fill when you are done with your mission). I had them swear to secrecy as to who I was and how they found out. Apparently the house of the Redbeard loves this little secret and have come more frequently to my shop. I now serve three meals a day and have roughly over a hundred regulars. I hold a strict policy now that there has been an attempt at my life here in Northolme, No non-Dwarves and I stand fierce to it. People (namely visitors) do not like it but I do it for our safety. The small band of extended House of Redbeard (your distant cousins) watch the house and shop now constantly. I am constantly amazed how nontraditional your cousins are; Archers, Mind Mages, Rangers etc. Not an axe welder in the bunch… but I digress. Not to get distracted. I just want to say you are welcome to Northolme and will be safe here.

The dear Father told me of a vision that he had while I was sick. In it he says that you died (gods I hope that it isn’t true) and was resurrected. Overkill, he says the vision included Cava standing over you shouting as your life was fleeting. Be wary of the human race and trust no one. Do not get soft. There is something I do not trust about humans still, though tales of your adventures say the contrary. The Father said that Apis was watching over you. Watch your back or the vision may still come true if it has not already.

Be careful my love and come home to us soon.


Sent to Overkill on the 27th of Selestra, in the 23nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from Dungeons Master.


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  • ” In it he says that you died (gods I hope that it isn’t true) and was resurrected.” How long has she known OverKill? Must have been early in the relationship.

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