Life is Change

So, the plan was simple: We would get out of sight of Bizantium and then we would teleport to Sekti-Abtu. Once there, we would spend the time while the ship traveled the long way. I would get time with my wife, and then, when the ship arrived, we would move to the next stop in our journey.

So, first, all teleportation into Sekti-Abtu has been suspended. So we went through the Sea of Despair. It wasn’t a big deal, strangely enough. The previous time that CrIsis went through, they lost people. Granted, they were much less experienced than we are now, but even so, there wasn’t anything that was much beyond a minor nuisance.

During this time, we also went through Horus Day. We shared out gifts with each other, and had general pleasant experiences on the day. The Captain hot-boxed his room during the travel. Unfortunately, I fear for CrIsis with a druggie in our midst.

We docked in Sekti-Abtu, and we were feted by the priesthood. They sang hymns and walked us to the central square. Before U’Selekma could speak to us, Dream was given a waking dream, or in other words he was given a vision. This vision was of an army gathered under the head of the Church of Light and Darkness. It was a speech, a rallying cry, and they were preparing to go to war. Supposedly I was the one standing there and charging them with keeping the faith.

U’Selekma talked to us from the balcony. We then gathered for a party. This was a very special party in which both the Light and Dark attended. I enjoyed my conversations with them, and it was a pleasant evening…but of course I spent it without the private company of my wife.

Money was collected, and we prepared again, to go. Yet, here we pause waiting.


6 Responses to “Life is Change

  • Can’t a troll get a little alone time??

  • This will be the example chapter in the Cliff Notes version of the Books of CrIsis. Succinct good sir!

    • The problem I had was my internet wasn’t really working during the game, so I was only getting the ghist

      • You did so admirably, I would likely have made it to wordy according to many of my English teachers.

  • What more really needs to be said, anyway?

  • Lol, horned ramrods a minor nuisance.

    “Yeah, we sailed through the sea of despair, a few Horned Ramrods bounced off us as we were going, cute little guys they are”

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