Location, Location, Location

Dear Xerx’ses, Weaver Member-

You are correct that location markers were placed in your bags, each one of you that visited. However, you are greatly in error of their purpose!

As members of the Tri-Arcanum Guild we offer assistance in dire need and we are capable of providing. The reverse is also true, you may be called upon to provide assistance to another member. The Gantrium location tiles allow leadership to know your general location. Each is keyed to know your general location. Each is keyed only to the leader of that section of the Guild-for example, your location is only known by me.

I will check with the other two guild leaders to make sure your location has not been shared with this Agent. I highly doubt that this is the case, for the penalty is death! Personally I would not reveal a location if Lady Isis herself demanded it, or Thoth offered lost magic in exchange! It is the principle that we have built the Guild upon!

What is not secret is the recent pigeon we received from the Lopanic Games! We are sending 2 mages for each event in the Freestyle events, including the two events named as events that qualify for eligibility for the Lung! Our competition is scheduled for the 15th of Set, and as members you are welcome to try out!

Your friend,
Master Weaver Kel-ed

Pigeon sent Kym-nark-mar 4, in the 342nd year of the Dominion of the Eastern Territories.

Picture by the awesome Gaitkeeper! Keep them coming man!

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