Lonely Festival

Hoping You Are Now Safe

I saw your statue disappear, and be replaced by another, and then your statue returned! Thank Horus! I will confess that I cried and cried when your statue was replaced!

Other than that terrible scare, things are back to normal here at the Obelisk. I have been returned here by the good Bishop Tutu while he attends to some secret matter. The only thing he told me was that I was not allowed, under any circumstance, to leave the Golden Triangle. Very cryptic, but who am I to question the Bishop? I am sending this through his Holiness as I have no idea where you are now.

The Festival of Osiris here was quite amazing! An incredibly packed, festive event, with much praise given to CrIsis! You would have been the toast of thousands! It only made me miss you more.

Happy that you are alive! Please write to me soon, and tell me what happened!
Your Beloved

Sent the night of the Festival of Osiris in the 4th year of King Guy of Timiro.


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


4 Responses to “Lonely Festival

  • This was a joy to write, as I wanted to be positive, that Indaris was alive, but show the terror of watching, if even for a moment, from a distance, the knowledge that he could be lost….

    • This was a really nice log. Sometimes, people are just missed.

  • I wonder why it had to be “The Golden Triangle” and not Nisi as a whole? Mysteries!

  • OK, I am just waiting for the log that says Nara (and the rest of the CrIsis Partners for that matter) is pregnant. Everyone else is having children why not the rest.

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