Lord of Sinza


Let me start by saying that I am truly sorry for the loss of your daughter. Please let me know how I can help you- my swords are yours, as are the rest of the Red Beard clan!!

I truly appreciate all that you did for me, as well as the rest of CrIsis. It was just too much, too ambitious, and too much, too soon. I have abdicated the throne, and have accepted citizenship for all Dwarves. I am now a Duke or Lord of Sinza. It is all we had ever dreamed of! I was tired of all the innocent blood lost, all the families torn apart.

The former Prince Wilgan Vatatzes is now King Wilgan. He seems a reasonable human, and had stayed neutral through the civil war. He has promised to try to listen to the issues of the Shadow Coast, and has granted full citizenship opportunities to Elves and Dwarves.

Speaking of Elves, right after he was named King he got married to an elf. Her name is Fala, and she asked me to forward a message to you. “Tell CrIsis I look forward to seeing them again, to repay them.” Strange woman…

I have some sad news. The group from the Bizantium Scouting Corps that I sent to research the rumored piece of Osiris never returned. This is truly dire!

Please take care, and write to me soon! Our child, who will be named after you, will be born in Algor! Please come see your godson!

Sent the morning of Set 1, 111, by the former King of Bizantium, Minischmee, with assistance by the blessed Goddess, Lady Isis. She told me where you were in my dreams last night- Amazing!

Picture of an ancient piece treaty (Treaty of Kadesh) from the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

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