| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.
| At the at the Library of Bletherad.

Good Master Chronicler of Light,

It is “LOVE IS EVOL” or “TO LIVE IS EVIL” ??? Alas, I am not sure but I was skimming through some of the books we are bringing back to you and the Library of Bletherad. I kinda remember glancing over this in one verse in a book on philosophy. It made me think of philosophy as just a bunch of viewpoints without context people will use to explain problems in their life and call it “profound” so they don’t have to solve their own problems or can blame it if it doesn’t help them. Brother Ley-Rhy’s vision made me think of attachments and while they are needed for the quest to succeed not every attachment carries the same value. I think I have figured out how people in CrIsis are selected.
* Outcasts,
* Loners,
* Rejects,
* Pariahs,
* Expendables.

Now to explain why I believe “Love is Evol” just look at CrIsis for instance:
* Bexx, a mariner that sails on the water away from most societies.
* Chip, a child of the sea, ejected from his people to be taught among strangers, then they meet Elanu who preps them both for a life of solitude and hardships.
* Cava, a loner that hates authority so much he nearly turns the world against us and then is allowed to leave after seeing the re-incarnation / doppleganger of his wife.
* Overkill, a dwarven pirate that “sails” and I believe all five options belong to him!
* Azariel, was loosing his family and better to grab him now before the dark. He was a power play move in chess between sides.
* Xerx’ses, yes even I was an isolated self-loathing reject suffering from humiliation and a lack of acceptance from the one person I wanted and to stupid to see it was always there from those around me.

Each of us looking for love, acceptance, and BOOM we are tocuhed by a heavely power seeking our aid, we are needed, loved in a fashion. Now I could go on to each member and the only exception – because there always are – I find is, Ylren, whom had a decent life compared to most. Now we also come to something the Osirian Priest, Surulon, said to Greldarr regarding being chosen by the gods, “That is your purpose and that is your curse.” Those heavenly beings we crave the adoration of are aware they are *”ASKING”* us to give up what life we have to service of a goal greater then ourselves.

Rebuilding Osiris!!!

Surulon points out they are aware this is a curse in many ways and the torture some of us endured to get those taken freed is such an example I need list no other. As I sit on Master Ursus here upon the deck of Rogtilda my heart cracks for She of Countless Names because we are failing her and my lord and savior the Lawgiver. I still feel we should have stopped in Haven on the way hre but didn’t feel like having the fight with the world’s most powerful emotion ruling our resident psychic, LOVE. I will not argue that coming here has value and now that the gods have made it part of our mandate. We can pursue the books of the Prime Incunabula Seed Libraries like the pieces in order to locate the Lawgiver’s Kidney, and help Bletherad. However, we could have brought two seed libraries rather than one or at least the knowledge of the one being moved.

No, every choice he made is tainted by that powerful emotion the world looks for and for now I must shun, love. I gave up searching for those that murdered my tribe till they came looking for us. The only mating practice I have done or sought out was during Mistress Iana’s tenure with our group. I did experience a crush during that time and saw the havoc it could wreck. So I completely backed off but poor Master Azariel’s heart was shattered and he had to rebuild it with another. Master Overkill let drink be his excuse for cheating on his chosen spouse he swore to be faithful to and now another woman carries a second child of his! Master No Name and Mistress Eyes were not quiet in the alleyway I passed by dragging my furry, 2500 pound chair back here. The minute Master Cava saw the red hair in the crowd, even Isis knew his time was done among us. Now the fetid stench has grabbed the lungs of Master Ja’Deir and he wandered off to pursue his wife! Both him and Master Alchemist Azariel left us for a time and got married. Clearly, that is part of the Dark’s plan to peel away its strongest members for good. Just have them fall in love and they will do the work for you. Even my “Spellborn Twin” appears to be learning how to love from the crew member I saved in the kitchens on the ship from fire and a catapult.


I know the note appears redundant but I did not promise Isis I was going to find love! I promised Isis I was going to rebuild her husband and my savior! So far the only person I have seen keep this world-shattering emotion in a choke hold is Father Indaris. He has made one joke about stopping for some reason back at Nisi, and other than that has just exchanged very touching Pigeon Spell Messages back and forth. I would say this also applies to my “Spellborn Twin” but he does not have a soul yet and true free will does not belong to him either.

Right now the only women I have an obligation to is Isis. When she has husband back and this is over. Yes, then I will open my heart to love once more. Till then I will not let that ruin the chances to finish this quest. Nor, leave love ones behind anymore than I have had done to me currently. I will stay the course and sail the seas Isis grants me.

Ursus makes a good chair by the way.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, written at Highmoon upon the 1st / 2nd of Corg, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

All art by AZ_Rune.


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