Low on Cash In Kaash

Down the River


It has been a while since I wrote and I am deeply sorry. I want to tell you about the last few days and how my friend Cava (and all of CrIsis) is doing. I do not know if you got my request to come to Llorn or if you have even decided to meet me there but I dearly hope so.

After defeating a tower of creatures and serious wealth and getting back to Rivendyne, it was while we were traveling there that someone who shall remain nameless but was stupid enough to get him self nearly killed but I am getting ahead of myself.

It was in the four days of travel that we took some time to learn of the new player in the game of life. Navelo is a strange guy; a holy crusader who is so glued to his job that he takes not time for life and himself; torturer and killing heathens and heretics. I worry about my barbarian friends in the North with crazy people like him loose.

Ok here is the story of Navelo. He was a student of war and religion under the tutelage of Father Lemriel in Epiphany of the Middle Kingdoms in the Western Empire. An orphan (and virgin; don’t laugh, I didn’t) he was very skilled at throwing weapons (though not good at showing off). He was very good at answering every question except one; mine. What does the gods want you to learn? Somehow asking that question killed the night and we went to bed.

The following morning we had a dill weed decide to play dodge tree. This stupid game involved ripping a tree from its roots and launching it into the sky and then run. While it’s true that I have done some stupid things racing into combat, I have never done something so foolish as to kill myself with a game I was playing and endanger the rest of CrIsis.

After four days and attempting to forget dodge tree we were jumped by kelpie, ugly man horse creatures that love the swamps (and apparently rivers). Were it not for the massive rush of wind that swept those foul creatures away I am sure that I would of actually had to draw a sword. Magic, who’d thunk it eh?

We finally got to Rivendyne and meet with Tyrone the captain of the riverboat Nicole, well that’s because of human named William a.k.a. Good Will who introduces and points out the tavern saloon. (Dear, we need to really get a mount or two. We really travel a lot on the land but I really prefer the water.)

Oh I forgot to tell you I got a flute at the tower and I actually could play it. Oh yea your man is musically talented. Well when we walked to the tavern I played a tune that Roggan actually danced to (troglodytes are still weird though but I am getting used to them). Tyrone tells us that the river goes through three cities and branches off to a city that Cava wants dead. I wanted to focus on getting to Llorn where I hope you are at but I also want to help my pal gain closure.

Tyrone told us that if we were to travel to the city of Kaash (that’s that town off that branch river I told you about; then come to think of it I never figured out what the name of that river was…. Anyways) he says that he is never going to set foot in that evil city ever again because he escaped it in the first place with just the hair on his head. So this kind sir makes arrangements via, well he never said how he made the arrangements for passage but this boat shows up at the mouth where the river branches and we meet a new guy….. Augh I got ahead of myself again.

Back track…..

It was at the town that we (Cava and I) had a little pow wow with Terramore (you know the famous guy) and we talk to him about his impulsiveness and brashness (yea I gave the lecture, don’t laugh) and encouraged him to tone it down and think more (stop laughing) because I cared for him (now your laughing because I got mushy, I tell you, you and Mini). Well that lead to a ballad or sonnet or something about how great and blah blah blah…. me and Cava were.

While we were talking to Terramore, Tyvernos (you know the gnome) makes a pass at this keepers woman. I thought that it was going to lead to a dead gnome because he made mention of the woman’s figure and how he… well lets just say it was weird and graphic. I though that the woman would be insulted but she liked the pass and keeper wasn’t mad. Humans are odd sometimes.

Several nights passed and it was in the course of travel down the river that on one particular night we came across a pack of wolves. It wasn’t my shift so I was wrapped in my bedroll and cape sleeping dreaming a real good dream about you and we were…. Well let just say that it was good. Well the guys were busy fighting these creatures that by the time I actually got out of my slumber the creatures were again taken care of by magic. Warlocks may be weird but they sure are handy.

The next day I was more alert and was a good thing too we encountered tuskers. Now the fight got Cava and me hurt a little but it was when the two creatures headed for Rogan that we saw the most amazing thing, instead of killing him, they knocked him over and began licking the death of him. He was laughing and toying with these creatures like they were dogs, puppies really. We stood aghast for the next ten minutes while this troglodyte played with these ferocious creatures before he realized that perhaps we should continue. So like a pet dog he threw a stick and we ran like we were on fire.

The first time didn’t work. But the second time did and we got a way.

When we finally got back on the river, the following day we got to our rendezvous. The riverboat captain of the other ship was named Nassil McKern I could tell instantly by the way the Tyrone looked at this guy that there was some seriously bad blood and they didn’t like each other. He was pleasant and smiled but smelled of bad cheese or rotten raw fish, I wouldn’t know; I am not a connoisseur. (Honey if you had seen some of the stuff I have seen the other races stuff in their mouths your would have a little barf in the back of your throat constantly).

Well Tyrone splits and we head to Kaash (oh by the way, we left most of our wealth with Tyrone at this point because the idea of being killed for our wealth didn’t appeal; wish we’d left the finger of Osiris. I’ll talk about that some more).

While traveling down the river I, in my best Eastern, tell the new captain that we have a package to deliver and to insure that we were not going to get killed introduce all our friends under alias names witch within less then five minutes Roggan blows (the guy talks in the third person and uses Roggan a lot). Well the guy doesn’t seem to catch on or something but keeps on talking about his beloved Kaash and now it has got a bad rap for a long time and its really a good city. Somehow I was buying every second of it. I really don’t know what was wrong with me.

We finally get to the city and the captain says that he will be there for us when we get out of the city “But then again” says he “you might want to just stay”. I should have been really creeped out but like I said this guy was pretty convincing. Well the city is huge with eighty to ninety foot wall and huge blood red tapestries and statues and spikes. I have to say it was impressive. This kingdom is ruled by Althizar Kaash, elf king of…. this place.

Well we make our way to the tavern after half a days travel to this city and there the biggest mistake ever to be made by us in this town (I wont say ever as there has been bigger ones, I am sure) ensues. It starts out a simple request to find the priest that caused Cava’s trouble and that leads to some guy making a pass at Gavin (he being a man child) and escalating to the death of everyone in that room. The smell of alcohol and feces still hangs on my clothes and the vision of standing in their piss and blood. Man that will not be forgotten soon. Reminds me of the times as a pirate… good times.

Thankfully that was the worse part of the day. We worked our way across the town and even get directions from a guy. The guy sees us covered in the blood of demons and the visitors of the tavern and they don’t even bat an eye. This is a freaky town.

We make our way to the priest’s house (the six fingered man; I know sounds funny till you see it) without incident and turns out his house is open. This guy really has a pair. He then makes his way to the door and with a smile takes our threat of killing him where he stands as a trail blazing little girl joke and that’s when I say the weirdest thing. I say that perhaps a duel on neutral ground is in order as Cava wants to kill him and he want to wrap up this loose end (as it were) and says ‘See you in Rivendyne.” The others look relieved and surprised. I don’t know where this is going but I should be there to help Cava. A duel one on one should be as interesting as it was in Haven. Again we will be facing a priest of a god in a duel.

Its dusk now and we need to find a place to sleep. I pray that we are not going to choose to sleep here. Good night.

Mary, I hope to see you in Llorn.


Message on the 16th of Korg in the first year of the reign of King Minischmee of Bizantium.

Picture from Richard Mark Huffman.

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