Many For One

The coward stood there before the group. Moments ago his smugness filled his entire chamber. His army and his anti-magic cloud granted him a false sense of security. The moment it was gone, he was less willing to be cooperative and when taken from his keep, he filled with murderous rage. But once again, he was a coward when stripped of his magic items. He surrendered and let go of his weapons.

In that moment the Man knew the evil hidden behind his eyes. There was no surrender for this one. He then saw the foe sitting atop a mighty boar watching his army slaughter innocent women and children. The evil one rode in after the ones trying to escape and struck down a woman with child. Her spawn oozed out of her open wound as she slumped down. He fixed his eyes on several children huddled together. He approached with both his weapons drawn. The Man turned away and when he looked back their corpses formed a pile and the village laid in flames.

The Man looked back in slow motion at the darkness in the eyes. He felt the nudging of his scythe, “Do it.” The weapons hit the ground. Shink. The gut of the beast split open as the entrails reached to meet the ground. The liquid followed with a splash. The Man stood there his scythe almost nodding in approval. The vision returned the kids were standing there pointing at him. They looked with great expectation waiting for something to happen.

“No, you murdered him!”, Xer’xes cried out. His friends looked at the Man with anger and disgust. His jaw and eye began to feel pain. The same pain from a long time ago. He began mumbling a spell in Western. His friends rushed him to subdue him. There would be no resistance. He finished his spell. The kids looked at him, smiled, and said thank you. A woman walked by with a new born in her arms. The children returned to their play and their houses became whole once again. “You’re welcome”, the Man whispered under his breath. His life for many, seems like a fair trade. He will be seeing his family soon. Rest is on the way for this weary soul.

Picture by Gladiator.

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