Merkl’s Meandering Thoughts


Merkl’s Open Letter to the world.


i Never thought i would be writing to you like this father, as it seems like we will
Be Going Hades to finish off of this most important god given mission to
Go To rescue the final piece of our lord of the light and of the sun, osiris. i Hope
to Give the demons and devils and what other allies the dark have garnered a funging
and You never know what might happen in return, but guaranteed we will give them a swift
kicking Up Hell and down hades if necessary to complete our mission.
i Never thought I would write to the enemy either, but failteam of the dark, we are
also Going to kick your butts through the wall, floor or anything else you
hope To stop us with. your fighting skills are feeble, your wits blunted like an orcs, you
should Let us just put you out of your misery, but failure loves misery, and like i
say, You might think you are great, but you have epic failure written on you all the
way Down to the ground, in every language imaginable.

i Never thought that laying siege to the dark gods would even be possible but we
are Going to be planning just that, and i have in mind a multiskilled dwarf who will
take To that job like some poor soul who has been in a desert sees water and
will Run to it to slake his thirst, and he will bring your walls and fortifications
down Around your ears. Then the others of CrIsis will take up the challenge
given And slay every evildoer they can find and leave the place a ruined and
smoking Desert fit for only cockroaches and other feeble squirmy insects, but
when You receive this you might feel a little put out, or you might even laugh
but Never mistake our resolve, for what you have and will do to us and ours we
are Going to make you lose your resolve, possessions and then life. i personally
want To see you all hung for your dastardly deeds of evildoing and i am going
to Make sure that you regret ever even thinking about doing them, so
when You have gone home whinging to your god, remind him that it was us who made
you Cry and die.

so Never forget the heroes that gave up almost everything they have whilst they
were Going to save the lord of light, destroyer of evil, the great lord osiris and don’t
forget To say a prayer for them. In fact with the world the way it is maybe everyone needs
to Say a prayer for everyone else and then everyone can be a little happier.
so Goodbye everyone, it has been a blast, but we are on the last leg of a mission that
i Never thought that we would have a chance of accomplishing and staying alive, but
i’m Going to give it my best effort, and if worst comes to worst and I croak, at least I will
get To see mother again, and even after all this time I would love to hear her beautiful
voice Tell me how proud she is of me.

for A long time I was wandering around, not really sure of myself, telling myself
the Lie over and over again that I mattered, really mattered and made a difference to this
world And I acted if the this was the total truth even if this did many times and
repeatedly Hurt my friends.

so You can hear my words and divine, the message from the second word of every line, is from a bard most sublime.

Unknown note attributed to Karael Merkl, Juggler and member of crIsis.


4 Responses to “Merkl’s Meandering Thoughts

  • I cannot believe a player Rick-rolled me. Awesome work

    • It’s an open letter. He rick-rolled everyone.

      • Never been so happy to be “rick-rolled”as I am now.

  • “FailTeam of the Dark” Almost sounds legit, absolutely hilarious though.

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