Message From Nath

Dire Tidings and Good News

My Friend Cava,

It has been a long time since I have reached out to you! I have read the stories, and I am glad that the Goddess has cleansed you! I knew that you would make me proud, and I am so glad that it was not just my own foolish pride. Many here in Greenbough and especially in your hometown of Williamshire are proud of their native son. I have done readings of your books in both towns.

The reason I paid to have a pigeon sent is to update you on the young man you saved- Guy Campton, years ago. He is now a fine young longbowman, and has left on a mission given to him with the blessings of King Gedro of the Timiro Kingdom. Guy follows Bennu. I hope that he has as much success as you.

If possible, it would be good to hear from you. The followers of Rurga are making inroads here, and many are clamoring for war with the Wolfen Empire. I am trying to reason with as many as I can, and have refused to make bows for the warmongers.

Be Safe and Well- May the Blessings of Isis be upon you!

Posted by Nath Everall on the 3rd day of Thoth, in the 341st year of the Dominion.

To follow the adventures of Guy Campton and his fellow adventurers please see the campaign Foreign Guardians, run by Panda Jester, who plays Gavin.

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