Middle Is The New Black

Avoid the Middle Kingdoms!

Dear Good Friend,

Whatever you do, stay away from the Middle Kingdoms! I have just barely escaped from there myself, and am headed to join friends in the Vequerrel Woodlands.

Through some amazing spying and connection work, I have discovered who was behind the kidnapping of Father Lamriel. It is the Lady Daera Kaze herself! She is currently on her way to Çynopolis with quite a retinue. Supposedly she is acquiring a justification for the Middle Kingdoms separating from the Western Empire without a sword drawn.

I, unfortunately, have been found out- one of my contacts was captured, and he was probably tortured. My name and image have joined those of CrIsis, well, at least those known by the books. This ironically means that I am wanted, and you are not! Tell Cava, Overkill, Gavin, Drauka, Karma, and Ferrel. Warn Sir Quixis and Terramore as well, as they have been implicated as co-conspirators.

I wonder which one you have replaced….

Keep that ugly hide safe! You owe me big time now…

Pigeon sent Kym-nark-mar 8th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Nippshanks.

Picture from the amazing AZ-Rune Art.

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