Mind Games

We were still waiting in the mansion tired after that last bout. I moved a couch in front of the door while we rested. It seemed like a decent choke point for a strategic stand. I didn’t get to be a leader in my homeland for nothing after all. So as we waited we sat for a few moments as Morgan worked on healing our wounded. I noticed a magic dresser in the room and was quite curious, but then I was reminded of the night that Cava paid a visit to my room with that cursed pendant. As we sat there we heard some noise outside the door. Karma decided to open the door. I was puzzled by the logic of this, but as the common joke goes you have to ask “Who’s there?”. So we were greeted by the response of a bunch of nasty demons. Battle ensued and we encountered many fierce demons including but not limited to a massive gallu demon. With cooperation we took it down quite quickly and I may have had to trap it in a force field to control it for a short while, but other than that we came out alive but a lot more worse for wear. After this Tyvernos was no where to be found. Its just like him to wander off. At this time Cava, Alric, and I snuck downstairs to check out the basement. We were sneaking fine, but then I tripped. It was quite noisy. So maybe it wasn’t a trip, maybe I did want to fight some more-what can I say Ra would be proud. A giant demon maggot appeared from a room after the noise reached its sensory nodes or whatever it may have and it fought with much ferocity. We came out alive, but this was with the help of others as it emerged into the hallway where everyone was. Tyvernos reappeared and Cava and Alric questioned his disappearance. If he disappeared that was his choice, I am sure he had good reason. He may have been getting intelligence. After this was done we headed out of the mansion to rest up. This place would not make do. We were heading north when we noticed the sound of a familiar demon frolicking around the woods around the mansion. It may be best to head south we thought, so we did, and to our surprise it was not patrolled by demons. We had a restful night and were ready to head back into the mansion. When we entered the mansion we decided to look through some of those magical dressers. After finding nothing we were approached by the crying woman we had met earlier. She claimed we had stolen her blue diamond lost by her lover. We tried to consul her and tell her we had not, but it was to no avail. So in proper fashion we headed down to face the evil known as the Baal-Rog and the foul wizard. As we headed down we found another magical item, this one a box. Tyvernos decided to open the box and many of us backed away except for Karma and Alric who felt the full brunt of the magical effects launched from the dresser. Tyvernos was the only one of the three who made it out unaffected. The other two laid unconscious on the floor. We decided to explore the adjacent chamber. To my excitement it was the one with the friendly Baal-Rog. He was accompanied with two magic users, a woman and a man, and a bunch of skeletons. There were also some circles on the floor. My first action was to pick up the skeletons with my mind and throw them against the wall. This proved to be super effective. However a magic net was tossed on myself and Morgan. It was if they were saying we shall not pass. I was distracted with this net most of the battle as my companions made quick work of the Baal-Rog. After him several focused on some re-summoned skeletons and Raf focused on the Illinar. He did a good job until he died. That was the point which Raf seemed to slack off a bit. I mean come on. With the site of the battle turning against them, the female teleported away. The skeletons disappeared and the male magician was killed by myself at the end. We survived! We looked around the room. There were several magical circles still on the ground, but the one that Raf’s body was in was destroyed. I walked over to Raf as I saw Morgan begin to tear up and I decided to use my scroll given by the gods to me. I brought Raf back to life. I did not get much of a response from him. I hope he is happy that I took him back from the afterlife. At this I saw that Tyvernos was walking towards the still active magic circle. This was the largest one. I saw his scepter almost shoot out of his hands and hit the floor. This was strange to me. It was like he was pulled to it. I must interfere. I grabbed him with my mind and pulled him back to us. I think he may be possessed by something. It may have something to do with that headdress that he’s been wearing. He has been acting strangely ever since he put it on. He seems to be more chaotic than ever before. His state seems to be deteriorating quite rapidly. I need to get into his mind, but I am afraid that it might get into my mind. I must find a way to convince the group that an intervention is needed. Soon! For now I watch him closely.

Posted by Gavin on the 12th of Thoth in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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