Minotaurs – Honorable and Immoral

The Hunt for the Femur


I am sorry I had not gotten back with you sooner. Things have been very busy here, starting with an attack on the Library of Bletherad! Yes, we are all safe, and only 1 book was lost, but it was most distressing. The Zealotry were foiled quickly due to some quick work by the monks and by The Keeper, and those that work with her. One of my inventions was key- of which I am immensely proud. I again plead with you for information on any other argossy! Speaking of, I went to see Firsar- he wanted me to especially inquire about Tyvernos’ well-being: I told him that I had seen you all in Sinza and that you were all well. I digress, as per usual- oh, and the Aurora Tristinium! What a truly kingly gift! The monks in leadership are reading it, and I know that there is to be a meeting, to which I am invited, to decide if it should become public knowledge or not, as there are many controversies within!

To your request I must now venture. I used not only a full text of Rystrom Khejas’ book, but some notes that his brother Galtron loaned me. (I got back into the Rod Rambler disguise- a long story that). Using that invaluable resource and other references here at the Library I was able to deduce a number of valuable elements. The Baalgor Wastelands are broken into a number of regions, as I am sure you are aware. The area you seek is referred to as the Rocky Desert. It abuts the Baalgor Mountains themselves- a thoroughly inhospitable place! The rocks themselves are sharp and lacerations through boots are even common. Below the surface lie the minotaurs! The Idrijian are the evil minotaurs that hold the Right Femur of Osiris, or so it is alleged, and they are downright malevolent. In fact, some of their members recently attacked the Legion of Northmoor, or so I heard. The Idrijian leader, a follower of the Old Ones, is encouraging his whole tribe to become witches!
Opposing them is the Serelan Tribe, led by a Palladin of Light, Xevin. This tribe is treated with disdain by other Minotaur tribes, as they are outcasts for believing the truth in the Light.

Between these two tribes overland are 2 giant strongholds- yes, true giants. They are supported by “shorties;” ogres, orcs, trolls, and minotaurs.

Perhaps worst of all, you must get to the Rocky Desert. You must either cross the Baalgor Mountains, home to Giants, Gromek, and Minotaurs, or the Baalgor Wastelands themselves! The Wastelands are just that- a wasteland, a desert unlike anything else in Palladium. To quote Rystrom, “You could wander the Baalgor Wastelands for a thousand years, and you still could never learn all of its secrets.”

Lady Daera Kaze from the Western Empire is here with troops & warrior priests. They asked about Gavin specifically, for some reason. They are staying for the Festival of Apis, and seem concentrated on the history of the Middle Kingdoms.

I hope this letter finds you well. I will be quite busy over Gryphon and Grekar, as I must try to determine where the Zealotry will strike next.

As always, proud to help CrIsis-
Malkin Falimede.

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