Mirror Mirror


I left you in a dark place last time I wrote, and whilst things are not all rainbows and unicorns I wanted to let you know that Brother Indaris has been found innocent and released. It strangely brings me equal parts thanks and concern, a reminder we are as easily led astray as any other mortal. The gods have given us their faith and it is a gift of unimaginably size, but equally becoming a gift of as much in pressure, I want to be equal to the task, I want the balance to be restored and Osiris restored so badly I can taste it, but is that enough? The death of our guards makes me blind with sorrow and rage they didn’t deserve this slaughter and not for us, I know how important this quest is but I cannot fully come to grips that others should suffer this fate to let us continue, and yet I still believe we can accomplish this miracle and I hope that is not an arrogance that will lead me astray in turn.

Someone or something has been moving about the city in my guise. I can’t fathom the motive but my instincts tell me something evil will come of it. I know previously I have refused to hear you talk of my father and long ago you stopped trying to make me understand but I’d like to ask your forgiveness for pushing you away in this, I think I’m ready to hear and even more maybe I need to. These shape shifters, werewolves I need to learn more, maybe I can protect the family from whatever fate they plan for us and maybe he holds the key. You told me he was a were shaman, he never stayed but now I’m out in the world chance may let me find him, ask him the silly questions that the angry child that once was still needs to hear from her absent father. What was his name? do you remember anything that might help me recognise him or make contact?, I’m ready now to listen, and maybe he will at least feel he owes me the knowledge I seek if not the care of a father.

p.s. I’m hopeful we have the lung in the bag, unless evil manages to steal the lung in non kosher method Xerxes’s complete sweep of the pentathlon event stands out in the games beyond challenge, the empress would be hard pressed to explain choosing another and all other events so far have been won by CrIsis or our supporters.

love Cami

p.s.s. please keep praying for my release from this Evil City.

Picture by Sebastien Millon
Picture by Marina Haro

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