New Beginnings

Dearest Brother,

After much discussion amongst our clan, the Serinan tribe, it has been decided that we shall never be truly part of this World until we journey outside of our home. We have decided, since you spoke so highly of Old Gregg, to use him as a guide to get a small group of us to Troker. There we hope to find this beacon of light, this sanctuary of Isis that you spoke of, and will use it as a home base to see what the world is like outside of our caves.

I will write to you after arrival. If I do not survive, Lu’urna has been instructed to send a message to you. We have agreed to assume that I did not reach Troker alive if I have not messaged her by the 1st of Set, 3 months from now. It would be good if you let her know where you are at that point.

Spreading the light, and hoping to find that there are those that accept me as they accepted you.

Have Faith in the Light!

Sent on the 1st of Thoth.

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