Nights of Captains

Time With Overkill & Minischmee

Knowing that the two captains I am currently associated with, Overkill of CrIsis and his cousin Minischmee had been, until just recently, pirates, I decided to truly treat them like the captains they now are- I took them to the Blue Ribbon Club. Here we were dined in fine fashion, befitting heroes of Bizantium, overlooking the docks of my beloved Bizantium City. We exchanged thoughts on our captaincy styles, on women, on fine food and drink. We then retired to the 3rd floor, where cigars and cognacs awaited.

It was here that my senses left me- forgive me Horus! I was challenged to a drinking contest, of dwarven ale. We then came up with a wager- whoever finished third had to swab the deck all the way to our next destination, Sinza. Second place would be on kp duty in the kitchen with the lovely Morgan. The winner would pilot the good ship all the way to Sinza. At least I did not lose- I hate mopping.

The next evening we returned. We discussed our weapons, Overkill’s newest acquisition, Callandor, seems to be a true rune weapon- fairly silent, thank goodness. I placed my 2 holy weapons on the table, Enforcer of Light and Hammer of Healing, and we discussed their benefits. Overkill truly seems to understand that my glorified babysitter rule is beginning to chafe, and hopefully soon I shall again see holy battle. Schmee brought out his newest sword, Hawk Eye, a recent gift from his cousin. It is a fine sword.

We got them memberships in the club- hopefully we will soon return, as there is truly no place I feel more at home than at the Blue Ribbon. They are fine men, and have opened my eyes that even I sometimes prejudge, and I must learn not to. I hope only that Overkill proves his leadership worthy.

Written on the 23rd of Corg by the servant of Horus, Robert the Just, in the 23rd year of King Bafag of Bizantium.

2 Responses to “Nights of Captains

  • The description is very upper-crust…”where cigars and cognacs awaited”…But with this group, I’m sure debauchery was abound, this is the filtered version for readers and significant others…

  • The best part of Robert the Just was how many secrets he held- I miss him…

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