Nine Lives

Ma’ip; a heaven and hell

“So the prodigal son returns to Ma’ip. Welcome back, my boy.”

Surrounded was the radiant light of heaven of the gods of light and there was the young dwarf Overkill. Several angelic beings turn to the new arrival. From behind the dwarf came a hand on his shoulder. The voice was unfamiliar.

“Thus falls the heart of CrIsis, again.”

The hand that was once gentle now squeezed to buckling pain, Overkill turned to look at the source of his pain. Grasping his shoulder was Anubis. His majestic body lifted the dwarf single handedly and turned his body to his face. “We met once Overkill through my servant that you took. Perhaps you need to be his replacement, but I cannot see how that is possible unless I return you.” His dog face smiled a wicked grin. “You forget your place here mortal. Your shock and horror on your face tells me that you have forgotten that I live here too.”

“Put the dwarf down, Anubis, now.” Overkill found the voice soft and familiar.

Anubis turned and saw Thoth the god of Knowledge and Learning.

“My pardons Thoth. I didn’t know that this whelp of a zit was yours.”

“You knew full well that he is mine. Your speech betrays you.”

“Many of CrIsis have died and have returned here; you have not ever interfered with my intolerance of your creatures. Why they are here by the thousands, perhaps by the hundreds of billions. Let me have this one.” Anubis smiled.

Overkill didn’t realize that Thoth was so large. The being grew to his full height. “The dwarf is MINE”.

“You forget that I am the god of the DEAD and this putrid pile of flesh bag is mind. He has been a thorn in my side for too long and you other gods keep bailing him out. It is going to be done; he will be mine for an eternity now.”

He turned to the dwarf, “How you ever got the gal to step past a magic circle that I created, attack a necromancer that I trained and assault his henchmen and chief lieutenants is beyond me but you died. I hope that you’re happy because I am. While you are here, my own scion is destroying CrIsis. He has enough undead to kill all of you over and over again. Your effort to get here was effortless. I will keep the hand. “

“I wouldn’t be too sure. Behold CrIsis.”

The two gods and the dwarf watched as the minions of the dark quickly were banished and the necromancer was suddenly alone, slain and dismembered. The dark god began crushing the soul of the sailor. “You will never return! I will win.”

“So you agree that my full involvement and the involvement of all the gods and their armies for the soul of one. Can you not feel it? Already the thousands that pray for CrIsis at their alters wish for the safe return of the sailor. The prayers of the righteous must be answered Dark God.”

Overkill was brought to the face of Anubis; the god of death and he let out a hell of a roar. “I will have you when you cannot return in the flesh boy.”

“I don’t think so. When he is to die, I will come to claim him and his bride.” Overkill looked over at the old god of Knowledge with an eye of concern. “Overkill, you will die in your own due course of time. I will not take anything prematurely and as it is spoken by the prophets on Palladium, we, the gods of light are watching over and protecting those whom you hold precious. I know your thoughts and she is watched daily by Isis herself. Go back Overkill; you’re not done yet. You need to save a woman.”

Overkill faded and awoke to a realm that was filled with pain and grief and he was happy to be home.

Written by Overkill on the 12th day of Grekar the 1st year of King Wilgan.

Picture from Genzoman.

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