North by Northworst

Honorable Bear-Man:

Of course you are remembered, for as I told you, a large talking spirit bear is difficult to forget.
I will make this short, so as to not bore you. All is not well in the North. The Island Humans war with their brothers of the Shadow Bay, and no good comes of human wars.

The Barbarians are at war with the Monsters of the Water, and the monsters are winning. I am afraid that whoever wins will attempt to take our lands.

There is a Counsel being called to decide if we should join our Wolfen brothers, for protection, solidarity, and to stop the Humans from stealing lands.

Please write again! I am glad to hear from you, and my next note will be longer if you desire.

Your Chieftain Friend

Sent to Ursus through his holiness, U’Selekma on the 17th of Majestic.

Picture is from Canadian Museum of History


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