Now That is Juggling

How To Juggle Staying Alive

Dear Merkl,

Well, I sure feel that your calling should satisfy any debt our family owes the Gods of Light! I have to recruit a new main attraction! However, from reading the Books of CrIsis, I am hoping for a booming business in the future, like what has happened for Black Cat’s Dungeon. This means that you have to stay alive my son!!

Pardon the dry humor, but when you start a note off with a three inch Troll, and it gets worse from there, I have to inject some levity. Reminds me of a joke- When is the only polite time to slap a short person? When he says, “Gee, your hair smells terrific.”

So, the Scions of the Gods of Light, according to you, are now made up of the aforementioned troll of 3 inches, an Unassuming Fox of Incredible Power, a Wall-Whispering Dwarf of Destruction, a Werebear who prefers his human form, and a Scythe-Wielding Mad Man who likes taking limbs. Then there is you.

Why were you chosen? A distraction? What happened to the Minotaur really? They say that he ascended to Godhood! Why would the Priest leave?

I am frightened for your safety, my son, truth be told. Be careful, and remember humor is the best medicine!

Write back soon-

Your worried Rizoel

Sent to U’Selekma to be forwarded on the 25th of Selestra.


5 Responses to “Now That is Juggling

  • I can’t wait for the answer!

    • Early on Rizoel is reminding me of Ash, Hannah’s mother. I hope that Rizoel does not turn out the same.

      • Yeah, not looking forward to this one coming back to haunt us…We have enough haunting us already.

  • Merkl will either be the BEST distraction, or the BEST ace-in-the-hole. With any luck, it’ll be both.

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