Obelisk Visitors

Dear Indaris,

I am looking forward to your account of the games! Please, if you could, seek out the Knights of Dawn, and their leader, Sir Quixis Ote, who sent me a note to say that you are known to him, and he wishes to bring his retinue of Knights to see the wonder that is the Obelisk of Osiris.

Speaking of the Obelisk, it has been revealed to me that there is a room underneath, with a door that cannot be pried open. Upon the door is a torch, resembling that of Isis, that shows not a day of wear. There is a small round hole in the torch’s handle, and the words, as if carved yesterday, “Learning is opened by those that are chosen.” Do you have any clue to this riddle?

I hope that you will give to him an accounting, and any pictures of the events that you may draw!! It will greatly serve our efforts here to have true pictures from one of CrIsis’ holy soldiers!

I look forward to hearing of your triumphs, and to see you again!!

Fair thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis’ Torch Light Your Way!
Father Philip
Sent on the 1st of Thoth in the 2nd year of King Guy of Timiro.

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