On the Nonce

My Love,

Per the current internal agreement we shall be arriving soon in Sekti-Abtu. It would seem that we shall be there at least a couple of weeks, as we prepare for the next stage in our journey. I do hope that you will be able to suffer through my presence…oh, who am I kidding. I die to be with you. This is so much that I have always wished would happen, and now we can truly, for once, be there just for ourselves.

These simple things that are taken for granted, that they should come to us, it makes me even more aware of all that this quest has entailed, and the promise that it offers to everyone in this world. I am simply full of joy at the prospect, and wanted to alert you to the coming of CrIsis.

I personally need nothing more than you, but if you wish to fete our arrival, I’m sure the other members of my motley crew will not have a big issue with it, especially Ursus as he is always looking for more food.

As we are using the teleportation amulet, look for us in the arrival room.



7 Responses to “On the Nonce

  • I wish you could have a picture of how excited she is to get this..

  • Maybe we should plan on Grignak being, er … busy for a while once we get there lol,

  • I imagine her checking the arrival room several times a day. “Why do you keep looking in there?” A guard or priest may ask. “Oh, no reason,” she says with a giggle as she leaves.

  • “Food?…you have food?…who has food?…where’s the food?…give me the food and no one gets hurt.”

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