One Axe, Two Axe, My Axe

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Dearest Sister and my Queen,

I, Prince Torrun ‘syn Ithanson, have become this year’s Axe-Throwing Champion among the fine folk of the Two Axe Tribe. Before we leave I wish to talk with their chieftain and return here to WhiteWater, and build the first Monastery of the Iron Wind this world has seen in over 10,000 years! Since there are Dwarven territories within the Wolfen Empire it should not be to hard to find Dwarves to help carry on our legacy as well! I would like to ask that the Two Axe Tribe be given half off the cost of axes and a fully stocked and manned Dwarven forge be sent here. Each member of such a glorious tribe of Wolfen with love of axes should have the finest available to them.

My gloriously victorious friend, the Monster God – Ursus, had mentioned the fellow I am about to name as well, Arr-n (Arn might be an alternate spelling in Elvish). Arr-n was last year’s Bronze medal winner and this year has won Silver! Afterwards, he was very sportsmanlike the way Xerx’ses the Golden did at the Lopanic Games. In fact I shall embolden this golden rule of winning any contest with verse:

After victory
remember cardinal rule
don’t be an asshole.

I hoped you enjoyed one of my short poem styles as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am glad that we should be done with, Jar’Eth – The former Goblin King, now that Xerx’ses had bested him in the Duel Arcane. Though, true merit must be given accolade where deserved and that laurel wreath belong to the priest and former shaman, Grignak – binder and breaker of chains! For he has laid the ground work for healing a god! Freeing them of self doubt and the misery that follows. He was kind enough to grace me with a similar gift regarding the lackluster performance I gave upon the first fight I shared with my companions. So huzzah unto Bast’s scion!

Onward we go very soon with the repairs to the Shield of Light done.

With affection from your brother,


Written and composed by
Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves


Sent upon the 4th of Pegasus; in the 1st year of Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune


4 Responses to “One Axe, Two Axe, My Axe

  • I like the new golden rule.

  • I hope the influx of Dwarven-made items doesn’t upset the Kobold merchants and allies.

    • The deal is only about Axes so I doubt it will upset it much. With a fair market place some will buy Dwarven and others Kobold for a variety of reasons. Price, relationships, type of job needed, etc.

  • This influx of a Dwarven monastery should also help cement allies amongst the Two Axe for CrIsis and the Light.

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