Oops! Stepped In It!

Serious Crap!

Dear Boss Elfling,

I remember that I am the one on the front lines, while you go traipsing through the Jungles and Wastes. Here I suffer in a Western Empire restaurant, choking down fine food, while overlooking a park- and you are out there with the sites! Now there is some sarcasm dripping on a page; I am not sorry for the blot!

I am assuming you are in the Baalgor Wastelands as I send this- hopefully you do not turn tail back to the Yin Sloth Jungles, as you will not receive this important missive- I do not have an endless supply of money or pigeons.

I have found a possible lead on Father Lamriel’s kidnapping- more on that soon as I have it. Obviously 3 weeks was not enough, but now I am troubled! I thought you should know that U’Selekma’s speech, given for the Festival of Thoth, was read aloud here by the head priest in the Middle Kingdoms! There were multiple pigeons, so it was a long speech, but I will give you the highlights.

”I, U’Selekma, wish to comfort those of you concerned in these confusing times! A Bizantium king was overthrown with the aid of CrIsis. It seems they also had a hand in the transition of Kings in the Timiro Kingdom! Listen carefully- these so-called heroes claim to be aligned with the Church of Light and Dark. They are not! They have no allegiance to the Church! Their own works state that they believe in only one church, and it is not the whole of our church! They have their own agenda!”

He goes on to say that you are not to be trusted- I am sorry boss, but my charcoal broke, so I could not take full notes of quotes! He said that the Church is trying to correct the “insurgencies” that you produced, both in Timiro and in Bizantium. Then he went on to say that you tried to overthrow many of the independent kingdoms of the Eastern Territory! Specifically he mentioned Haven (mumbling something about blasphemy in New Haven) and Llorn. (On a side note, you sure about these guys?)

He finished with, ”CrIsis are pretenders, servants of the Old Ones! Why else would they accept a Minotaur?”

I will tell you that the folks in the Middle Kingdoms would have pulled your limbs out at that point! I was glad I still had Janissary armor on!

Will let you know when I get that lead, but you will have to tell me where to send it….

Pigeon sent Thoth 21st, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Nippy.

Picture from the amazing Genzoman.

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