Osiris is Rebuilt: Part 2

CrIsis Successful


“So what of Osiris and CrIsis now that the task is complete?” I hear you ask. Well, that my friends is my final task before I leave this world. I have checked in with each member of CrIsis through these past years, and while I will not say much, since their privacy is deserved, here is a little bit of information for you.


Osiris: Osiris has again taken his rightful place at the right side of the great Ra! Anubis now has again sole dominion in death, but Osiris again determines with his grade scales the fate of the dying. Balance between both sides has been brought back and perhaps the greatest gift of this is the unity between the sides of the Church. They have pledged to fight and protect not only Palladium but all worlds in the coming war between Dyval and Hades.



Torrun: As you have read previously in this chronicle, Torrun and his allies defeated the evil in Kaash, and established a new kingdom which proudly serves Koris Gwaisol. Married to the wise Queen Mary he has lived a long and fruitful life, and his kingdom has had many years of peace. Torrun had Osiris’ support in this endeavor, for a kingdom was Osiris gift to him. This new kingdom, Novus Gilead, has established a new rune for church which has been producing weapons for quite some while now. There are rumors that even the Dwarven birth rate has increased!

Silent Dream: Silent Dream as usual wrote of others more than he wrote of himself in the chapter previous to this one but let me tell you of some of the great things that he has accomplished. He has brought upon this world a new age of true Psionic Power not beholden to magic. Powers never before considered have become real, and general growth of Psionics has increased. I even hear that up to 5% more people are manifesting these powers than ever before. The symbols here are the Internalists new symbol, and Dream’s own symbol.

Ursus: The great bear man has successfully created a kingdom where all werecreatures can live not only in peace but secure in the knowledge that there are others like them. Surprisingly with the help of his wife he has also become quite the statesmen and has made trade agreements with all nations, and peace with most of the world.

Grignak: I am sure that it is not news that Grignak became pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, but what you may not know is how much work he put in to become the holy one. Grignak’s capacity for learning is astounding, for within 1 month he became an expert not only within his own Church, but on all religions. I know that Osiris gave him some knowledge, but his expertise boggles my mind! Grignak has created a unified group of religions to fight against the common threat of the Demons and Dyvals!

Merkl: Merkl has, as many of you know, become a world renown entertainer, the replacement for great entertainers like Terramore and Jase, whom we have lost in recent years. His skill in juggling is of course, unparalleled, but he has become an amazing bard as well. (Note to other CrIsis members- not in the book: Merkl has been quite amazing in his role of Guardian, helping save countless books!)

Willy: Willy has withdrawn from society, becoming a hermit. Please leave him alone, for he deserves to have what he wishes.

I leave you now, all of you, for the last time! You are in good hands, for CrIsis is still with you!

Reported by Rod Rambler, Chronicler on the 27th of Thoth in the 128th Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, 104th Year of King Minischmee, 448th Year of the Eastern Dominion, 27th Year of King Gilder, and the 175th Year of the Wolfen Empire. On the world I visited for a time it is 216 PA.

All pictures by our own AZ Rune.


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  • Ok, so the last 2 weeks I have been slammed- I will probably expand this in the future, but it will be in 2018. Thanks to you all!!

  • Very nice highlights for all of the members of CrIsis! Thank you for the opportunity to have been part of such an amazing journey!

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