“Out Of This World,” Says The Walrus

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Rostam Stonemace.
| At the Holy City of Sekti-Abtu
| on the island of Lopan.


A few days ago I wrote to Elder Xixin of the Serinan, regarding my fate at the hands of the tribal council. Father, I. . . I can understand if you feel the way Lu’urna does, I have enclosed the “note” she sent me because I can’t bear to look at it anymore. I asked my brother, your son, to investigate Troker and save the Temple of Isis. I joined CrIsis and we have recovered and protected five pieces of Osiris and we hold four more in our possession! ! ! Even if the outside numbers are to be believed we are over half way there! I have to believe my mother, your wife, died for a cause as great as bringing a God of Light back from the dead to restore order to the world! Otherwise I am the curse that everyone should stay away from.

I can’t bring them back and not a day goes by that I don’t feel horrible. I don’t know if it will count but I was graced with the chance to avenge you and our people. Will you allow me an olive branch before I am banned from coming home as punishment for elder Zeelik’s death. My friends and I slew:

I have removed their horns and allowed the kobold and the druid to eat their hearts so they cannot be brought back to life. They will find no rest among our ancestors without their horns to accompany them to the afterlife. Since CrIsis helped me we voted and they believe these runebound friends of our people should be returned to the tribe. I intend to return them to my you in Sekti-Abtu before to long. I won’t ask forgiveness for trying to bring light back to the world but I hope our avenging the death of the Etrinan and my brother, returning the runebound friends to the tribe might count for something. Anzuroq the Stone Mace, your mace, is among the six recovered rune friends, I know you would want to know this.

29th & 30th of Set, 343 year of the Dominion of Man, and 23rd Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

As the dark hours of the end of the 29th of Set tolled on we had made our preparations for departure to the Isle of the Cyclops. The “Girls” were to keep looking the missing crew of the Redbeard ship. I asked Jershon to water and maintain the special plant I had delivered to the ship until we return. I gave him the written instructions from the shop. The rest of the deliveries I had stashed in my bag with six rune weapons, two scrolls of godly power, books of magic, and five other wax wrapped items. I hold that Mologoth hide bag closer to me than either of my fathers held my mother to them.

Jershon will be acting captain once more in my absence and a finer instructor in the ways of the sea I cannot fathom having. When he asked what ship we were headed to we all realized we had no idea other than it was at the Caer Itom Marina (Number #19 on our map from Indaris) on the opposite side of the dock district from the Biboca Marina we were berthed at (Number #20 on our map). Master-Sister Caminata thought we might ask the owner of the Biboca Marina if he knew the location about the ship we were to rendezvous with. Master Azariel thought sending Master Burlap to inquire because at this moment he is the least known among CrIsis. However, our Hobgoblin companion reminded us that his legal issues in the city had not been resolved and this would put our group in a potential direct confrontation with the law. Something we try to honor in each land we visit. This prompted Master Azariel to go out himself and make the inquiry to one of the hundred imperial guards keeping our detractors at bay.

Very soon we had spoken with the dockmaster and found out some other group knew and intercepted the communication meant for us regarding the ship called the Vequana. AUTHORING NOTE: Scribal Master Rambler, I know the lords of this realm asked about finding colorful prose to maybe change our prior bull like adversaries to demons and leaving the name of the city as vague. I am not sure if that extends to our stay here in total? I leave this to your august and learned discretion but thought I would mention it because they have been welcoming as long as I kept up my disguise to not alarm the residents of their city. Further discussion made us realize that we could not afford to pass up on that information. Master Azariel used an Old Kingdom Dragon Coin to not only procure us small boats, not unlike those we kept upon Rogtilda should my friend ever begin to sink. With them came pilots, their knowledge of the docks, and the Dockmaster’s generosity. Using magic to make each member of CrIsis invisible as we began to leave Rogtilda just past the the stroke of highmoon before they descended into the small boats as they arrived. Their arrival was heralded by the city bells eerily echoing the 30th and final day of the month, which also happened to be the Festival of Set.

In the first boat was Brother Indaris, Master Azariel, and Master Asher. The second boat was Master Burlap (sans bells), Nosse, Master-Sister Caminata, and myself. I made sure to enshroud all with spells of ‘Invisibility’ as they went over the side. Having my own Amulet of Seeing the Invisible allowed me to keep track of everyone constantly without further expenditure to my mystical reserves. The others had their own means of seeing what can not be seen and employed them as needed. Our packs were a little heavy knowing that we had to make sure whatever we brought with us would sustain us through the voyage and our return. We were told the Vequana would be at the dock within 2 hours and we had 30 miles of dock to cross!!! Yes, that is the size of the docks of Caer Itom – 30 miles. About 20 miles across I hear some shouts from the other boat which catch my attention as what I can only describe, hmmmm, how to put this?

I had a flashback to the moment I had arrived in CrIsis when I saw what I learned was my first Wolfen. He looked as stunned as I did but the sounds of him barking out how he ‘Read Books’ was carrying over the water and I knew we were about to loose our disguise of stealth. Not having to speak anymore to cast magic has become quite the boon! Making the required gestures albeit ‘Invisibly’ and a ‘Cloud of Slumber spell’ not only sent the Wolfen, Brother Indaris, and the oarsmen to sleep but it covered their position as well. When our boat got closer I saw Master Asher standing on the Wolfen’s chest holding up a hand with an Eternal Torch Ring upon it. With another wave and conjoined thought I dismissed the cloud and everyone began to wake up as we took the lead. It would seem some further “hushed” negotiations and a ‘Chameleon Spell’ from Master Asher finally calmed things down we made it the final 10 miles to the Vequana.

When we made it to the berth and found the ship had been there, for how long I am not sure. Both Master-Sister Caminata and myself noticed the correct name in Elven upon the vessel, while Master Burlap thought the sign was upside down. The Captain of the Vequana, one Antonio de Gioto, whispered down for us to go away and I replied with a ‘Tongues spell’ aiding my poor use of the Western Trade language, that we had been sent by Bondrake and the Mountain. We were told to get aboard quickly, it was then I was silly enough to think one plan might even work despite evil knowing our intentions.

Silly Minotaur.

I waited for the other small rowboat carrying Master Azariel’s replacement to get closer before I told Master Burlap to begin his ascent. As our death defying, mystical jester went to climb up a scaled hand reach out of the dock water and grabbed onto his leg! I quickly dropped a hand in the water remembering a lesson Master A’zad taught me about lightning. The electrified glowing fist made light dance underwater, however, it seemed to only make the grip tighter upon my restrained companion. It did, however, alert everyone to the problem we were beginning to face on this unholy holiday. Other mystical attacks were made but when I saw Master Burlap be pulled under I stuck my face below the waterline for line of sight, blessed nightvision, and enacted levitation upon him! When he and by default, his assailant, were out of the water floating up Brother Indaris made the fish creature sea sick!!! HAHAHA!!! Can you believe it? The water creature became seasick, vomiting and with just a smidgen of further intervention from my allies fell back to the wet abyss from whence it came!

The crew of the Vequana tossed the floating Hobgoblin a rope and then the cry went up from the far side of the ship of an attack! I barked an order to make our way to the ship and defend it from the deck. What surprised me completely was that is exactly what happened! I almost took to long when Callandor’s voice in my head rang out.

Do not question it!
A) a good call and,
B) Magos, your rune ring seems to be affecting you emotions for confidence.
Now go be a hero!

Not one to question good fortune I joined everyone carrying Nosse. Quite the hoard of these creatures had clawed their way up the other side and there were at least one for every member of the crew and us plus a few more for good measure! You know, I am beginning to wonder if in large coastal town attacks like this might happen a few times a year so this could look like an accident? Subtle, Dark Gods, subtle indeed. Our newest member acquitted himself well with his giant golden sword. Brother Indaris blocked the escape route and prevented further creatures gaining access to the ship with a ‘Carpet of Adhesion spell’. Taking almost a full three grains of an hourglass to see what chaos was brewing and how it would attract attention. These creatures might win by numbers but they had no legs and were on a dry deck! I have been learning to rarely cast spells at my full strength but we didn’t have the time to replace crew or new members! I blanketed the complete top of the ship in a ‘Carpet of Adhesion spell’ after Master Burlap had resorted to flashing his genitalia at our attackers!?! It took another few seconds and then came the ‘Cloud of Slumber spell’, followed by a ‘Strength of Utgard Loki spell’ and then I hurled our assailants from the deck into the dock water! We got through this without killing everyone involved! I dismissed the magics and we got underway after introductions to the captain and crew (it’s how I knew his name). It was decided I was to be the Western Nobleman and his entourage to not arouse suspicion nor blow 30 Hoomans’ covers for helping us discretely.

We went to have our “Fireside Chat” with our new companion in hopes of learning about him and maybe where Master Azariel disappeared to. It would appear two days prior to our meeting with our new Wolfen teammate the great and mighty Horus, the Avenger, brought the now ten Books of CrIsis (of which the latest two seem to be advanced copies) to him and bade him read within next 48 turns of an hourglass before he made the switch. The Wolfen obeyed and now I suspect the final stages of Master Azariel’s training to become an Alchemist are underway. Lord Raulf is black silonar member of the Iron Claw Tribe among the Wolfen. I’m sure every race has a ‘Black Silonar’ among their peoples stories of an outcast. You see his tribe is on the front lines of a brewing war between the Wolfen in the southeastern Great Northern Wilderness and the Hoomans of the Eastern Territories. While I asked if he had met the most dangerous Hooman in the World, Jidian Kulder, but he has only heard stories in passing. He is the fifth child of the Tribal Chieftain, and third boy of his group of siblings, in other words the youngest. His family and a majority of this tribe are devout adherents to the Pantheon of Taut. During his military training to fire catapults (he said other weapons but I was not familiar with them all), he was trained as a Palladin by another Wolfen whom was a follower of Ra! That became the source of his faith in the end as well.

Great praises to Ra and Horus for bringing me a Palladin to help me regain my footing in principled action!!! I am at least smart enough to know I was sliding from those Palladin like stances to ones of Master Aesyl or A’zad. Practical Good they called it, but I worry that the Lawgiver won’t want me if I fall in such fashion. Other questions were asked but he’s a Palladin of Ra I was fine with that as the rest of the 30th of Set was sunny and the chaos of Caer Itom far, far behind us.

1st & 2nd of Od, 343 year of the Dominion of Man, and 23rd Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

The first brought heavy rains, and a wonderful dinner of fish that the crew gathered in the rain while I was resting in meditation regaining my mystical reserves. After finishing fresh churned butter on shark I went right back to resting and even half of the next day on the 2nd, which if truth be told, was so wonderful I rested on main deck and had stopped caring about anything for a few hours as the rest of everyone on the Vequana bustled around. It was the kindest favor people take for granted from Ra.

3rd of Od, 343 year of the Dominion of Man, and 23rd Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

The rain was light and welcomed, as much as I wanted to study more spells Captain Antonio de Gioto said on the eve we would dock at Trade Port on the Isle of Cyclops! I have been working on spell theory for three spells which are: 1) ‘Time Hole’ 2) ‘Dimensional Portal’ and 3) ‘Doppleganger Superior’ though the last one is but a reference to a Spell of Legend used during War of the Fair & the Strong. Oddly enough the one I seem to be making headway one is the Spell of Legend! It’s certain power words I am trying to figure out to harness the magical energies and make a duplicate of myself. Naz’kundis is the name I will give him and leave him on board Rogtilda as its defender and to keep the spirit bound to the ship company.

Our group went out to check on cries about black clouds on the horizon. Soon the sky was covered in darkness as the black clouds covered the horizon. Then it began to rain, however, the drops were not water but a variety of fish!!!!!!! Father, fish was raining from the sky and we were lucky when Master Burlap whisked out with spell called ‘Protective Bubble’ over us. Right about then fiery lightning every shade of orange you can imagine in the deserts of Baalgor! As though it could not get worse it did as the blackness was torn asunder and fiery, orange, lightning ripped from the heavens striking the bubble and our group.


When I came to I found myself staring out the eyes of a sea creature of the north (Lord Raulf filled in that detail for me later), a walrus. I am feel we were taken to another world but only our minds because while there I knew things about the items in that world that make little to NO SENSE NOW! What I can remember is that CrIsis became animals that walked like people of all races on two legs! I was a walrus, Master Asher seemed to be a Minotaur or bull, honestly in this other world it was hard to tell. Lord Raulf became a squirrel, Master-Sister Caminata became muscle bound small bird of some sort. Master Burlap became a moose called Bulwinkle, and for the life of me I cannot remember what Brother Indaris turned into? I am trying hard to record it all but it was so strange I am having a hard time finding words for what I saw, experienced, I’m not sure what words are correct for such an event?

I do believe we were manipulated there by a dark power trying to capture one of the pieces of Osiris, but I shall try to explain how we prevailed. After talking with everyone we all appeared in the bodies of creatures on this world and assumed their identities. I was a walking, talking walrus named, Lennon. Something in the room was playing music like a magical harp, but I still have no idea what a yellow submarine is? I found a note from someone Lennon knew named Yokko that said, “Big Time called and they want you! Star in Big Movie, Meet at 2 Main Street Lane, You’re going to be a Star!!!!” While I was not understanding most of it being in Lennon allowed me to understand the sense of urgency and off I (or is it “we”) went.

This location I learned a frightening fact about this world, YOU CANNOT DIE! You can only be knocked out for an albeit very brief period of time and POOF! You’re back as good as new! I saw talking carriages on the way to the address on the note, even a talking sign! It was here we met our assailant disguised as our benefactor and coercing us into stealing the piece of Osiris through subtle guile and treachery of its Giant guardian. In a castle that floated on a cloud in the sky and was only reachable by a enormous bean stalk going into the sky!!! Up, up, and away we went after each of us doing things that should have resulted in our murder a dozen times over we finally made it inside the castle. Master-Sister Caminata saved a magical flute. I think Master Burlap saved a captured lady of some form or fashion. I assisted Master Asher with finding some gold and together we found and retrieved the umm, errr, the Lawbringer’s Member.

On the way out we ran into the Giant but foolish luck and chutzpah saved the day! It wasn’t until we had made it back down and inside the horseless carriage of our purported benefactor that we were treated to their true colors. Again, wit, killing jokes, and more luck did we escape once more from the clutches of the Dark.


We all awoke with the effects of seasickness in our cabins and apparently only a few hours passed and we are still on course to arrive at nightfall. That is 7 to 8 hours from when I am sending this to you. Master-Sister Caminata and I exchanged pieces.

I will see you soon, and I love you father, be safe,

Your son,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, upon the 3rd of Od, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 343 year of the Dominion of Man, and 23rd Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Rostam picture found at El-Grimlock.
Caer Itom map, Old Kingdom Dragon Coin, Kree-Lok fishmen pictures courtesy of Palladium Fantasy RPG®.
Raulf the Wolfen Palladin compiled from Prescott Art Blog, Stonewurks, Turbosquid.Com, and Elderscrolls Wikia.
Master Azariel’s picture is from a talented artist, Peachyco.
Walrus from Elder Scrolls Wiki.

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