Overkill Obituary by Jidian

It is with great sadness that I sit here in Avramstown and read via the recent message of one of those eternal killer pigeons from hell of the final demise of that most glorious captain of the sea, that dedicated leader of holy adventurers, CrIsis. Beloved of Thoth, the dwarf Overkill was never a stranger to death. Indeed, I had only met him twice and on each time, it was made known to me that Overkill’s many deaths were legendary.

He treated his ship Rogtilda as a lady, speaking to her as he urged her onward through her travels. He inspired his own companions with his fearless onslaught against the evil of our world. Throughout the kingdoms, good people will mourn his death, and I and the Legion of Northmoor will remember him with fondness and with all the respect due to a great warrior such as he.

CrIsis, be not too downtrodden upon this sad news, for there is most assuredly a place for this honourable servant in the Halls of his God, and his very memory shall inspire ye to yet greater deeds.

Jidian Kulder

Log from the only honorary member of CrIsis, the awesome human Twiggyleaf, GM of the fascinating Mysteria! We look forward to your annual appearance!

Picture from the great Mike Mumah.


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